Pump Occulsions

Do any of you, young or old, ever get an occulsion alarm?
And if so, what causes it? I know, it means no delivery, but wonder what specifically happens to your tubing, resoviour, or cannula.

I have the Animas 1250—set on high sensitivity - and the occulsion alarm never goes off. Yet there are lots of times that i get no delivery and when i pull out my cannula, it is bent at a 45 degree or more angle–so i would think i would get the alarm.

I have also noticed that if I leave my site in too long (some cases 4 days others 10 days) that fluid will back up into the cannula but i dont know how that happens without causing an alarm.

I wear a MM 722 and have worn others on and off for the last 20 years and honestly the only time my pump goes off saying occlusion is when I have bent the tubing or it has a kink in it. Oh yeah the other time it done that was when I had left the site in too long and the insulin was backing up like you.