Pump site gone wrong!

I've had a pump for about 11 years. Of course I've had sites go "bad" as in they come out or get kinked or whatever, but in all this time, I've never had a site get so irritated that it gets infected. Until, of course, last night. I did nothing different. Everything was sterile. My site was fine and then it wasn't and I was left with a lovely 450 bg. Apparently I hadn't been getting insulin through the site for hours without knowing it. I haven't been that high in a loooooong time. I guess sometimes no matter how careful you are with your bolusing or carb ratios, you can't really escape a crazy blood sugar every once in awhile. Just thought I'd share my frustration. Anyone else ever had a site get infected?

(Oh and don't worry, I was 78 this morning and the icky, sore site has subsided)


That happened to me too! Except my blood sugars refused to drop down, so I went to the ER and they watched me until I went back to normal numbers. It is a frustrating situation!

Yes it's totally frustrating. I was lucky enough to be able to avoid the ER. Such a bummer.