Pump site warning

I usually leave my old pump site in for about an hour after I start my new site.

Last night I fell asleep and forgot to remove my old site.

Took it out this a.m. and very red, raised, and inflammed. It is never this way when I pull out after an hour. Tonight it still is very red and like a scab, something I have never had before.

Warning: do not leave site in over night after you are no longer dripping insulin in via the pump.

I have had this same experience…in fact just yesterday. I actually forgot to remove the old site until late last night after changing the infusion set in the morning. It actually got a hard, red, raised bump about the size of a ping pong ball and I thought I might be getting cellulitis. I put some triple antibiotic ointment on it and some of the redness and swelling has disappeared but now it looks discolored and bruised and has a scab. I will be more careful in the future but I wonder what occured to cause the reaction?

I still have my lovely red mark and I think it is permanent. I usually don’t get any mark/reaction from my pump sites, so I have learned my lession.

Sensor sites leave a red mark everytime as there is nothing going in. :wink:

Dang diabetes.

I have been leaving mine in, but will be careful moving forward. I have done this specifically when changing a set close to a bolus time, to be sure the insulin does not tunnel out.

Put some triple antibiotic on the site post shower , repeat x 3 x a day. If your a naturalist, try ALOE gel. Inflamed sites happen frequently to me, and this helps. I have left a site in, we all will do this at least once, twice, three times…

I never leave my old site in. It is like a portal insite your body, where any pathogen can get in. If you are going to leave your old site in, atleast you can put th protective clip back on it.

My question is why would leave your old site in for an hour anyways?

And, yes I have experinced pump site infection :frowning: its not fun. I have a tube of Bactocan that I ALWAYS put on old sites, just for extra protection. I had a very bad infection a year ago, because I was alergic to the type of site that used the bent needle.

I hope this helps

me too… i dont leave my old site long… as soon as i got the new site good and running, im ok…i usually remove the old patch right away…

why do you leave it after inserting the new set?..is there an important reason i should know…? im clueless…LOL… sorry…

Same question here - why leave it in for even a few minutes?

When it’s done, it’s done, in my view. I take it out before I even insert the new one.

me too, and usually I can’t wait to rip it out! I always give myself a .2 or .3 extra with the new set after I get it in

There is usually insulin left pooling around and then I avoid high bgs with the new site. I never did this when I first started on the to pump, but then someone offered it up as a suggestion and it made sense to me, except if you forget to take it out.

I still don’t understand. If there is still insulin pooling around from the old site, doesn’t that mean you have EXTRA insulin? Insulin pooling around from the old site plus the insulin coming in from the new site.

If so, wouldn’t that more likely result in low bgs rather than higher?

Please clue me in.

Some people on site changes have high blood sugars at the beginning, hence the reason for leaving the old site in for an hour.

If Im leaving the house right after changing my site I leave the old one in incase there is a problem with the new. That way I dont need to change it immediately, I can hook it up to the old one and change it again at home.
And for the already said about “pooling” It reminds me of being on shots and needing to wait 20 seconds before removing the needle.

I had a similar experience back in the fall. My hubby thought I should see the doctor because in 4 years of pumping, I had never had one look like that. I’m glad I went too. She cultured it, and it was some kind of strep infection. I took antibiotics and it cleared up eventually.

I would venture to say that having left it in overnight didn’t help, but wasn’t the cause. Had you taken it out as you normally do, it would have still been infected. I do think that’s a weird habit though - leaving a site in when you’ve started another. What’s the purpose of that? I take mine off, wipe it with Uni-Solve, put in my new site and hook that up,. After I’m hooked up to the new site, I put a dab of Neosporin on the old site with a tiny circle band-aid. I do that more because I’m trying to minimize the track marks than because I worry about infection.