Site bleeding

The weirdest thing happened today when I was changing my pump site.

I ripped the old site off, just like I always do, but the difference is that this time, it starts bleeding!

And I don’t mean a little drop, either. There was blood running down my side, and I’m not talking about a trickle, although I was able to stop it pretty quickly with some pressure

Has this ever happened to anyone, and their site starts bleeding profusely?

This is a one time occurrence, but I wonder why it did that? At least, I hope it only happens once :slight_smile:

And now I’ve got this nice purple bruise forming, too! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve had this happen when it’s a bad site, and blood comes back into the tubing. But I could see the blood in the tubing, and my numbers were elevated so I knew I wasn’t getting the insulin properly. It’s only happened a handful of times to me, and I’ve been pumping 7 years. I do remember the first time it happened and I freaked out too! Was your body still absorbing insulin while using that pump site?

I’ve had it take like 10 minutes and 2 or 3 paper towels full of blood before it stops.

Happened to me a few weeks ago. You pry hit a subcutaneous venule. They can be a bear to stop bleeding, but just place strong compression on the area with some non-stick gauze. That’s what I did after about 3 paper towels (just to get to the bathroom) and it stopped after a bit.

I’m glad I’m not the only one who’s experienced this…although I’m sure it wasn’t fun for anyone!

Christina, I did notice that my sugar’s have been elevated recently, but I attributed that to the fact that I’ve been skipping the gym and eating waaay more than I should…but I think I’m going to blame the bad site now :slight_smile: I didn’t see any blood in the tube, so I didn’t even think to change my site before the 3 days was up.

Thanks for the tips for what to do next time. Hopefully I’ll be better prepared! :slight_smile:

Oh yeah…I’ve had this happen to me. My dh says if I ever go missing there will be plenty of DNA splattered around the bathroom and he will be in big trouble!

common term is gusher :slight_smile:

It’s nice when we can attribute higher numbers to something that’s not our “fault” huh?! As an aside, I noticed on your profile that you are a cake decorator - that is awesome! :slight_smile:

lol, yep, just search for “gusher” and you’ll find plenty of stories about just the same thing!

I prefer the term gusher! Happens to me all the time…unfortunatly

Gusher. It happens but not that often.