Pump starters diary....calling all pumpers starters

I would like to develop this page in the form of a "DIARY".

I invite YOU the pump starters to visit TU-DIABETES on a daily/weekly bases and create discussion as to what you may have encountered during the first days or months of your pump start. I also invite parents of children with diabetes to share there experiences.

Start your discussion with:

How did you decided to go on the pump?

How did you go about in shopping for a pump that was right for you?

What did you do when you first received your pump?

What was or is your biggest fear about starting?

Did you have class today? What did you learn? What did you review in your manuals?

How did you financially prepare for this process?

Are you feeling happy, frustrated or challange about this process today?

How did things go for you in the first week of your start?

How long do you think it will be before you will be a pro at this?

I invite you during your early months of this transition to come to this page and commment in a form of a DIARY.

NOW for our veteran pumpers: I invite you to help these indiviuals to share your experience as how you were able to get through it.

Why did I decide to go with an insulin pump?

I work in a retail enviroment and my work schedule is changing constantly. It was almost impossible to adhear to the Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner schedule. One day breakfast would be at 5:00 a.m. and another would be 9:00a.m… Sometimes I could not get away for dinner or dinner would be delayed and we all know what happens with that situation. A schedule that was difficult in my PWD world.

I have had diabetes for 38 years, Type 1. I wanted to bring my control into the 21 century. Therefore I decided to go on the pump. I am anxious for the start to happen…

hello, i have been on the pump for a couple of year, and i enjoy it it so much easier to use then injections and the pens. but don,t get me wrong their are some draw back like the tube from pump to you, but it not a biggie. so enjoy the pump and live life.

I did my first infusion set change tonight…that was a little stressful. The hardest part was bubbles or no bubbles?

I started my pump yesterday. I finding that my bs are running lower than expected. I am still dealing with the Lantus on board from the prior day. I feel as though I have been chasing lows all day long. My CDE has been a greater supporter. She have spoke several time today and changed my basal rates a few times. I feel confident in my team. I do not think a person could do this without help.

I decided to go on the pump because i hated what lantus would do to me sometimes, and i wanted to try a different approach then mdi.
Shopping is not the word, whatever insurance covers is what you go with
When i received my pump i went ahead and started
Only fear i have is going back to old ways, pump is easy
I had training today, but looks like i’ll get more help from endo i see in may
I did not have to prepare, i jumped in
The only thing i have struggle with is figuring out what basal and bolus rates i’m at
First week was fine, i went from not taking my basal to taking it
I’ll be a pro when i finish reading john walshs book and apply what i learn

Yesterday, finally the evil Lantus has disappeared. My CDE made lots of changes on my Basal. But last night 3:00a.m. my BS went up 268. Apparantly the basal was not right. My CDE is adament that I communicate with her if any changes are occuring. We have a morning conversation, and evening conversation and a go to bed conversation. Even if it is 3:00 a.m. in the morning.

So last night when I did my 3:00 a.m. I found that my bs was 268 (above the guideline) I knew I needed to make the phone call. The phone call reminded me when my daughter would come into my bedroom and just barely tap my shoulder and say, “Mommy I don’t feel good”.