Start on the pump tomorrow kinda nervous

Well I finally start on the pump tomorrow and Im alittle nervous.worked hard to get to this point and I know what to expect. I just want to get going on this got a feeling its going to be a long day at work. I dont get hooked up until like 3pm. But Im happy its finally here and cant wait to start Darryl

Good luck and congrats! :smiley:

hey Darryl,

first off, I would like to say congratulations on the new pump… Im sure you will like it like I do… it takes a lil time to get used to it, some of us got the hang of it real fast, for me, it didnt take me that long. now lemme tell you this, things wont fall into place right away, first, you have to determine your basal rates, carb factor, insulin sensitivity,etc, but im pretty sure there will be somebody to help you with this, i hope. coz in my case, the pump nurse just programmed everything on my pump without explaining how did she came up with those numbers, anyways, i figured it out myself, that was very frustrating on my part coz i felt like i was i left all by myself, but fortunately, i was able to find the right basal rates. it took me a while to figure out and it was a big relief, i remember…

you will find lots of changes, especially with you control, i can say my control has been very good since i started pumping. I was able to lower my A1C in just 4 months… im sure you will find big changes in your life as a diabetic. Im so glad you decided to switch to pump. its worth it…!

So happy for you!! Nerves are normal, but just know that everything is going to be fine. Good luck!! If you have any questions feel free to ask. I’ve been pumping for about 8 years now. What kind did you get?

It is just a learning curve and that is it. You will do great after a week you will be confident and after a month you will wonder how you made it this long without pumping. There will be lots of hard work but it is worth it. Good luck and welcome to the pumpers club.

I was a freaking nut job the night before I got hooked up after shooting up for 36 years. After a few days of pumping I just laughed at myself, at what a big chicken I was and why did I wait so long to finally start pumping. Think of it as a big syringe with fishline like tubing just under your skin. Wearing the pump is the easy part but like everything with diabetes, every day is different and it is not an exact science.

I have been pumping for 6 years now and I know things will go great for you. Don’t worry, because I did all that for you. :slight_smile:

i start on my pump tomorrow too! what kind did you get? i have an Animas Ping!

Thanks everyone, I am going with the animas 2020 when my insurance company sorts things out with animas i will get free upgrade to the ping. Thanks again everyone I needed to hear all the things you all said Darryl

good luck landileigh!!!

youll do good with the pump…

thank you so much! i’m wearing it around now to get used to it! i’m surprised it is so small and so light!

I’m with Karen on this one! I was a wreck the night before, barely slept a wink. I went in and half hour later I was pumping! I have been on the omnipod for 2.5 months and love it! I don’t know why I waited so long, because it has change my diabetes completely around =) Good luck tomorrow, you’ll be fine =D happy pumping!

Good luck Darryl and Landileigh. I hope someday soon to be joining you.

So you’ll be pacing until 3pm. You’ll love it - don’t worry. Its so much easier and simpler to handle then you might think. Practice makes perfect though. Like anything else, you’ll have to learn how to utilize the pump so it can work for you. Take it slow and easy. Learn everything you can and test, test, test. Good luck and we’ll all be rooting for both you and landileigh.

Congratulations Darryl. October 5 will be my one month anniverary. I should have started pumping 3 or 4 years ago. I know you will love the pump. I was more anxious than nervous. David summed it up so nice, in a week you will be confident and in a month I know you will feel like me, why did I wait so long.

Good Luck


Thanks, thats great your getting on the pump. I have the animas 2020 . Things are going good so far but this is only the first day alot of record keeping and I will be in contact with my Endo everyday. Good Luck Dave Im no expert yet but if you have any questions just ask Take care Darryl

i was so surprised! the infusion set didn’t hurt a bit! i’ve been doing all of that for a year, i just couldn’t make up my mind about a pump. i’m having fun with it today!

Yeah I can hardly tell the infusion set is even on me. How have your BG been today landileigh. Me I have one low so far hope my endo can figure out why. But other than that everthing good Darryl

hovering around 100. i’ve been doing smart charts for a while now, so we had a good handle on what the basal/bolus would be.

Nice, I just worried about lows during the night I do have to wake at 1AM and do a Bg check. Hopefully no lows Take care Darryl