Pump supplies-monthly cost

We are about ready to make a decision on a pump for our son and have a quick question to ask. I spoke with Animus and Medtronic about their pumps and good news is that our insurance will cover 90%. We are not going to make such a bi decision based off of price but I found the price differenceeegarding infusion sets to be a lot cheaper with Medtronic. I was told by Animus that our yearly cost for supplies would be around $1,200 and then Medtronic told me around $42 every three or four months. Does this sound correct? if so, why is their such a difference?

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I would ask both Animas & MM how they came up with their price. Animas charges $135 for a box of the Insets – there are other sets but that is the one most people start off with. Your insurance might allow $125, so you don’t necessarily know that you will pay $135. My insurance allows $125 a box. The cartridges for the Ping are $36.50 per box – again, your insurance might allow something different. Here is the link for the Animas e-store. A lot of people change sites every 3 days but I changed mine more often because I was using the steel sets. You always want to have some extra in case of bad sites or a problem.


That doesn’t seem right. I use Animas. The average cost for a year of my supplies is about $2572. 10% of this is $257. If you order every 3-4 months that about $64-$86 each time you order.

I used to use Medtronic, I don’t know what it cost :slight_smile: (As it is, it took me a while to figure out the Animas cost…I’m blessed enough to have 100% coverage, so I haven’t had to worry about the costs involved)

As someone else mentioned, Animas starts everyone off on Insets. You always have the option to use different, cheaper infusion sets.

The draw with Animas is that you can use ANY luer lock infusion set. With Medtronic they have their own ‘special’ infusion sets so it’s harder (though not impossible) to get other infusion sets that work with the pump.

It sounds like the Animas guy told you “the cost” rather than “your cost”?

I think my insurance covers 90% as well (I have federal BCBS) and I pay $75/month for all my supplies. Also, there are discounted supplies available on some websites that you can get without a prescription, which I did so I could have some extras. I personally love my Minimed Revel. I found Medtronic’s customer service to be excellent thus far and I love the pump itself.

I will call him tomorrow to confirm but I am almost sure that you are right.


Thank you! I appreciate the info.

Thanks a lot for the information. Yeah, you have some really good insurance! Are you happier now that you are with Animus?

Thanks a lot for the information. Yeah, you have some really good insurance! Are you happier now that you are with Animus?

Thanks for your response. It is good to hear that you are having positive experiences with your Revel and their customer service.

Yes. I like having my meter/remote - that was the biggest draw for me. But I also like the color screen on my pump (vs. the ‘indiglo backlight’ on the Minimed pump I had). For no reason that I can explain, I also have better control on my Animas pump, which began immediately, even though I made no changes to my ratios or basal rate when I first switched…

I have been on the Animas Ping for almost two years now (this is the first pump I’ve ever used) and I order supplies 5 boxes of each at a time. I believe that my insurance covers 80% – I pay $133 each time I order. Those five boxes last me 3-4 months, since I usually change sites every 3-4 days.

Thanks for your response. It sounds like the Animus rep told me the total cost and not my out of pocket cost.

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I couldn’t get a clear answer from Animas because they won’t commit to a number until they have all of your insurance info. My supplies run me about $180 for both the infusion sets and canisters every 3 months (5 boxes of each) and I think I have 70% coverage. Insulin runs me $40/month.

Price wise, they will both cost about the same. Base your decision off of the unit though. I have been using a Ping for about 5 months and love it. All the medtronic offered was a higher capacity and integrated CGMS, two things I don’t need/want.

Best of luck with your decision. You have a strong community behind you.

Thanks for the reply Mike. I totally agree with you regarding the difference between the two pumps. My son is too young for the CGM and he does not need the larger capacity either. I am thinking that with him being so young we will also find the remote very useful.

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