Hi friends,

I've been a diabetic for almost 10 years and I've been using insulin pen for Humalog and Lantose. Recently, my cousin recommended me to use insulin pump, but I wonder if the change is really effective?

Of course it depends on the user, how I manage it but will the double/triple cost of investing a pump be really worth it?

What's the best pump can you recommend for an active/outdoor lifestyle?
Is there a budget pump? Like quality pump at a fair/low price?
Is Medtronic's continuous blood glucose monitoring really accurate?

Thank you for your advices!


I currently have the Animas Ping Pump and for the first time last week, I actually go in the pool with my pump on and had no problems. Before last week, I had doubts about the claims of the pump being water proof, but I actually now am comfortable doing being recreational with it. I am also in Tae-Kwon-Do, and I have never had any problems during sparing and fighting. I can't help you on the budget part, because my insurance paid for my pump and supplies 100# with doctors approval, but I can say that it has cut down the cost of pharmacy co-payments; I no longer have to get Pens, Pen Needles, etc. I now only need Pens for back up if my pump were to ever malfunction, and on the regular I only have to buy wipes to clean the area I'm going to insert my insect and the humalog vials. I still also do have to pay the co-payment for the remote meter to check my glucose levels, but those were also cheap for me. But overall, it has cut down the cost signaficantly from pharamcy because I only get Pens onces a year to replace back up and vials are way cheaper and last longer than pens.

I'm not sure there is a "budget pump" as they all tend to be pretty pricey? I have a Medtronics 523 and have been pretty active with it (Tae Kwon Do too Leotha!) and haven't had too many problems.

I had 6ish A1Cs for years, had gone up to the 7s briefly (trying to lose weight, not diabulemia or anything like that, just guessing and not really knowing what I was doing...) as I'd started working out more. I was getting in shape but BG all over the place. Learning about discipline was useful but the pump was a big help and my A1C has been in the 5s since I got it, pretty much 5.5 or below since I got the CGM? I don't know if there's any super advantage to doing that but I like to feel I'm doing everything I can. I don't find the Medtronics CGM too problematic althogh the needle seems pretty wicked!

Appreciate your response acidrock, u rock! Haha! :slight_smile: will have to visit my endo soon and ask his recommendation as well. My hbaic has always been above 6.5, usually I get 7-7.5 most of the time. U mentioned ur hbaic improved thru cgm & pump, that’s so great!!! :slight_smile: Im considering pumping now :slight_smile: THANK U!

Thanks leotha! Good thing u have insurance to cover major cost! When I had diabetese, I didnt have any insurance yet so I have to shoulder everything here in the Philippines :frowning: I hope we have something like that too here in my place :frowning: Thanks for your feedback Leotha! Appreciate it!:slight_smile:

Leotha, how long hv u been usong ur pump? How did it help u in managing/controlling ur diabetese?:slight_smile: thanks!

I just started with the Omnipod units. I think "pricey" depends on your insurance. As far as I can tell, using the Omnipod is going to be just about equal for me over using the pens. If I'd gone with a tube style pump, I'd been out a couple thousand to start though. The startup cost for the Omnipod was about 1/4 of that. With my insurance I'll be out around $150 to $200 per month for pumps, insulin and test strips.

Insulet advertises their pumps heavily with atheletes. If that has any indication.

Hi Sally, who's your endo in PH? :)

Im using Lantose (1 night shot) and Humalog (every meal shot).
We can meet up sometime! =) Message me your contact details =)

Thanks Scott for your inputs =)

Your right, pricey depends on your insurance. However, my insurance doesn't support my illness since I got my insurance after I was diagnosed of having diabetes. Will check out insulet! =) Thanks again!

I also waited 10 years before going on the pump! And now I will Never go back to shots!!! The pump will be your best friend and it will cut your insulin intake in half which means you won’t have to eat as much and you can eat whenever you want to. You won’t have to eat the same time every day. I use the Medtronic Minimed pump. It takes humalog insulin. I would NOT recommend the contiueous monitoring device because it’s not accurate. I was very excited to see my bloodsugars on the pump but you still had to check finger stick blood sugars. The more you check your blood sugar the more accurate the pumps blood sugars would be and that takes 2 whole days and on the 3rd day you have to change the site.

Thanks much Nancy! Love your feedback! =)