Pump vs Shots - Which Do You Prefer and Why?

We ran an article about a study that found using an insulin pump is slightly better than taking multiple daily shots. You can check it out here: Insulin Pumps Slightly Better Than Shots: Study

I personally prefer shots. I tried the pump and went back to shots because I dislike how the pump connects to my body. I’m clumbsy and kept yanking the tubing out accidentally. Which do you prefer and why?


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I wish there was a way to get the fine-tuned control of pumping without being attached to something. It’s really a struggle on MDI to achieve anything near what I can do on a pump… so I prefer pumping.

I totally prefer pumping any day to MDI. I only wish I had started sooner since I was on MDI’s for over two decades prior to the pump. I am in much better control now, do not have nearly as many lows,highs or swings in blood sugars in any given day. My A1C’s are better. I have more control and freedom in my day with schedules and eating etc. I am able to stay at a pretty constant normal blood sugar throughout the day. I don’t miss the painful sites from MDI or the constant bruising involved from injections either. I certainly wish I wasn’t “attached” to anything to get that result but it is what it is and I am thankful to have the choice to do so because it works well for me. I feel it will help keep diabetic complications in the future to a minimum or lesser degree compared to if I had stayed with MDI’s. I have had no serous issues or problems with snagging the tubing either. I’ve used a pump with and without tubing and actually preferred the one with tubing myself. The pros totally outweigh the cons for me in using the pump vs daily injections.

I’ve only done shots and feel happy that I have pens instead of vials now. But I’m still at the beginning of this wonderful adventure we call Diabetes.

I prefer the pump, but sometimes I would like to take a break and use a needle. Kind of like a vacation. After using needles for so many years, it wasn’t that bad, although I would give my shots through my shirts…which I know I will get some flax from some people, and my shirts didn’t last long…:} Terrible little red dots and holes…

Since the only pump I’ve used is the pod, I can’t respond to the tube situation, …the tubing was the main reason I did not go on the pump years ago. I hope your decision works well for you, Best of everything.