Pumps vs shots

can anyone share to me their experience with pumps? i am now considering using it but which is better and more convenient to use?

well I used Cozmore ones but I hate tubins and I chage one month ago to omnipod and is good. The differences betwen Cozmore and Omnipod are no tubin reliable bg’s more control, the cozmore have a great infusion like Cleo 90 some alarms a communication program that works also with win vista. If you decide to buy a pump first compare and then see if your insurance cover. I have the Cozmore with ten month supplies but the bad thing is that the warrantie for the pump is null for other person, any way cantact me if you wanto talk about it. Take care Maria

I think most pumpers will tell you they love their pump. Tubing will not make a difference in your BG results but can be annoying at times but for the most part once you get used to it you will not even notice it. I think pumping is a lot more convenient than MDI’s and I have done both so I can make this statement with some certainty. There are several people who prefer MDI’s I am just not one of them. If you exercise frequently and have issue with going low then the pump will really help get that under control. Counting carbs and bolusing is a lot easier because you pump does the math which helps prevent insulin stacking and low BG later on. The amount of insulin you take is also more accurate compared to a syringe.

I am sure you will get a lot of responses on this question but you should do some searches on this topic and you will find tons of posts on this question.

I would say go for the pump you won’t be disappointed!

Hi Ronniekins,
I was on shots for quite a while and really didn’t want to change. But the more my doctor talked about it, the more I thought about the idea. I got as much information as I could and talked to a number of people and made my decision. Now we are waiting for the insurance company to get back to me about it. My advice is to go over to the Insulin Pumpers Forum and read all the stuff in there. You willl find so much information and many ideas in all those discussions. I found it very helpful. I wish you well in making your decison and hope all works out well for you.

I started pumping in April and I can’t see myself every going back to shots. Since pumping my A1C is constantly in the 5’s. I use MM 722 with the CGMS and I love it. You get used to the tubing pretty fast, a lot of times I forget it is on. I recommend the book “Pumping Insulin” by John Walsh and I know a lot of others have read it as well.


Personally, I like pumping the best. I use the Ominpod system and I love it. Your going to have to figure out what is convenient for you and what will be the BEST pump for you. There was a forum started by Manny back in 2007 and it has about 11 pages of people and their pump information. Click here and you will learn a lot. I know I did just reading all of them.

Happy Pump Searching

I fought with my CDE for a long time. I didn’t want to go on the pump and I was dead set that I would not. My A1c hit somewhere around 11 and that’s when I decided that I had to give it a try. So far I have only tried MiniMed pumps. I have been happy with them for the most part. I am going to try the OmniPod soon. I go to a new endo Dec. 1 and will talk to him about it then. Since I have only tried the MM, I can’t tell you if it is better than the rest. I have had some issues with it, as others have with the other pumps. My suggestion is that you get all the info you can on all the pumps you can and see which has the best features for you. If possible, try them all out. Sometimes a CDE will have one of each that you can look at and try out. Do as much research as you can and get what you think will be right for YOU!!

hi ronniekins, i’ve been T1 for 31 years and I know, for a fact, you can make anything work if you try hard enough. I tried a pump after 29 years of shots and it’s been great for me. I have a hectic schedule in general, and never know when I am going to be sitting all day or running like mad all day. The pump allows me to change day to day or mid-day, very easily. I could never do that with long acting (lantus).

Hi, I’ve been taking shots for the past 15 years. I was very reluctant to get the pump at first. I had both valid and irrational fears about it. But I finally gave in and got the pump last week. I dont think the pump is any more or less convienent than shots but it’s definately a better way of getting your A1c’s in better shape. That is my goal with the pump. If you do decide to get one, make sure you truly research the pros and cons of all your pump options. I got stuck on one early on and it didnt allow me to see some of the short comings of the one that I did choose.Good luck with making your decision!