Waterproofing a Minimed Revel?

May be taking a winter Caribbean vacation and wanted to know if anyone has found a way to successfully "waterproof" their Minimed Revel. I want to be able to go in the water (the hotel we're looking at has one of those lazy-river things) without removing my pump. Any suggestions? Are there any cases it can be put in that has an "out" for the tubing but still provides access to the controls??

I wouldn't take it anywhere near water, sand, saltwater, etc. Best to play it safe and place it in the hotel safe for a few hours. Think a few hours on syringes may be best. Just my thoughts. Have fun. But outside the States, take double of everything.

Hey, it's cold here in Maryland, can I sneak along in your travel bag? HA!

I wear my pump in water, it has gone swimming in the ocean and the pool, rafting, and even river tubing. Leaving it in a safe is certainly an option but I prefer to not disconnect as I need the basal. There are waterproof cases for electronics that can be used for pumps. Do a search :)

I've been looking online, but having a hard time finding something that will permit the tubing to come through. I don't mind being off my pump for an hour or two, but anything more than that and things get really wacky for me.

Swimming always kills my BG so I just take it off, stick it in a bag and bring lots of extra supplies in case one gets messed up. I tried surfing the summer before last and the swimming back and forth and falling off the surfboard "ate" a gatorade and my BG was in the 60s or 70s after about 45 minutes of it and the rest of me was knackered.

I think MM sells one on their website, called Sport Guard (I think).

I've seen some websites that have pouches for other electronic devices, with access for wires to come out, which some diabetics reported using with their pumps. But the companies usually warn against it, to not be liable since they are not guaranteed to 'not' restrict the flow of insulin. Sorry, can't remember the website, but I recall seeing them. Maybe Aquapaks or something like that.

I have used the aquapac insulin pump case with some success here: Aquapac

It has worked well for me. I would not go for strenous activity like with it and I would put some papertowel in it to see if you have a small leak before it gets to your pump. The only concern I have had (which I didnt notice) is that it may pinch the tubing and result in decreased basal dosing.

You're lucky. I've ruined 3 pumps that way. Did not have a waterproof case.

That is the one I use now. I have sport guard and put my old paradigm in there and it worked great. MM does not sell the sport guard for the paradigm or revel though...I just used it anyway but not for my revel, and it only works with the 5xx size sans the clips and things. I never had decreased basal dosing...and wonder if the pump would alarm if that should happen anyway?

This maybe on the side : ...when I travel across borders , I bring a travel loaner pump with me . I would do as some suggested ...leave pump etc. in a secure place instead of on/in the body ...I plan to do a bit of H2O stuff in Waikiki , Feb 2012 .


This is on Amazon. The Aquapac.

Richard, Is this one you linked to on Amazon the 158A (the one that seems to be the "preferred" Medtronic pump model)? The description on the Amazon page is a bit vague. I'm getting ready to place an order... even though it will be months before it's warm enough to go swimming!

Oh... and how long is the included belt. Is it of a shorter length to go around a thigh/arm, or long as to go around one's waist? (Sorry for all the questions... just some buyers' hesitation here! I bought the Medtronic Sportpak and never used it. That thing is a brick!)

I have also heard about the Aquapak. I usually disconnect as swimming usually tanks my BG. On a side note, I accidentally jumped into the saltwater pool with my MM on our last cruise and almost had a heart attack when I got out and felt that I didn’t take it off. But no issues. I also brought a loaner pump with us in case of failure.