Pumping on vacation

My wife and I are going to be in Italy for about 10 days in a couple of weeks. I haven’t been to Europe since I started pumping and wonder how people handle the time change/basal schedule. Do you simply change the time setting on the pump and use your regular settings in a new time zone or do you not change the clock and keep your basal settings as if you were at home? For what it’s worth, my basals are pretty flat (.25 - 0.50 units per hour).



I found when changing time zones, I adjusted my clock once I arrived. I also had a fairly flat profile on my basals and so kept the overnight setting when I slept overnight. Things were sometimes a little wonky for a day or so, but that was more due to fatigue I think from the travel. I had more of a problem changing my meds that require more specific timing.


I’ve traveled quite a bit with a pump. To Europe a few times over the last 5 years and back and forth across the country several times a year.
What works best for me is to simply set the clock on the pump when wheels are up - as soon as the plane takes off, I set the clock to wherever I’m landing.
With the exception of morning flights. My Dawn phenomenon needs “dealt with” - so if wheels up are before 10 am, when my basal goes back down, then I wait until 10 am to set the clock on the pump to not override that extra insulin. But, I take 2.5x the basal between 4 am and 6am and 2x between 6 and 10 am, than I do the rest of the day.

I fly to Europe a lot and utterly agree with TS. Wheels up, time changes! Just be sure to adjust for the weird food. I usually do really well. I find European food less processed and easier to bolus for gylcerides (carbs). Learn the lingo to read labels.

You may need to correct the next morning, but you are on ground with easy access to juice!

Have a great time. Where are you going in Italy? Lived there for years and loved it.

Thanks - We’re going to Rome and Umbria (just outside of Assisi).

We’re taking a 7:20 PM flight out of the US. That would be 1:20 AM night in Rome. My early morning (and highest) basal rate would start around 10:20 Boston Time which is when I’ll probably be trying to sleep. Is that what you actually do?