International Travel on a Pump

Hi All, I’m on a pump now and work has changed as a result I’m heading to Australia from the UK so crossing a couple if not more timezones. When I was on shots I tended not to worry too much and just kept to uk time for a couple of days. But what do I do now ? Anyone on a pump and tavelled over timezones?, what did you do about the pump clock? basal rates?

Suggestions, on keeping the pump cool in hot climates?

I think it is actually easier to travel on the pump than on shots. I used to be on Lantus and would just continue taking it at the same exact time. Night in Asia, morning in the US.

I recommend changing the pump to match the current time. My basal rate is the same all day so there is no change. I just give myself a bolus whenever I eat.

I usually don’t bother changing the time until I get to my location. While you are flying just keep checking your blood sugar and then once you are there correct the time and eat as you would usually and keep an eye on your blood sugar. I usually run a bit higher when traveling because I am eating out more. That seems more of a problem then the time change.

Hi Steve,

I have 5 basal rates that are really different, and a dawn phenom that often baffles me. If I were to just change my pump time I would crash my first night.

Traveling I set my pump to a temporary basal rate that’s a bit higher than my norm only because I walk a lot and whenever I sit on a plane for 6+ hours I need more basal. I usually set my pump to the local time at or near landing time.

First night I set a temporary basal (lower then my normal overnight 1.0) to about 0.75 and check somewhere in the middle of the night, correct if high… you know the drill. 3AM is my witching hour.

If I am staying more than 3 days I can slowly turn off the temp basal rates. The strategy works for California (-3 hours) Ireland (+6) and China (12) for me!

Good luck