Pumping through an illness

Keeping in mind that everyone is different, I wanted to ask anyway, how high do people increase their basal rates before thinking they might need to see a doctor? I'm on the fence because I think this virus/cold is actually getting better. I started at a 150% during the weekend, but today I pumped it up to 175% because I'm continually making correction boluses.

I'm not looking for medical advice, just trying to get an idea of what other people's experiences have been during an illness. Apparently, it's been a while since I was sick...or this sick.


I sometimes notice my BG running higher before I get sick. My "cure" for colds is to run my BG really low and have a couple of stiff drinks to treat the low, margaritas or something with some carbs. This is, of course, not recommended by anyone but I'll nudge my basals up sometimes, 150-200% if I'm sick. The last time I was really sick (c. 2008...) I had bronchitis for like a month and had a hard time shaking it so they rx'ed steroids and I cranked it up to 200% and was relatively fine. I'd figure if 175% works, that's a good number. I'd rather turn basal up and down. I thinkt that's a good way to "Correct" stuff as you can sort of wait and see how it's going, particularly with a CGM.

I am ok with having higher bg when I am ill so increasing my basals by 25 % if needed is ok but beyond that I just deal with the corrections.

Hope you get to feeling better.


Thank you both for teh feedback and well-wishes!
I love the stiff drink idea but don't have any stiff drinks around. :P :)
I actually ate a small bowl of chili that had been sitting for six days, marinating. and it was sooo hot! whew! cleared my sinuses right up. So yeah, i'm not opposed to self-help.

i don't like being high though, not on top of how crappy I already feel. :) Keeping my fingers crossed that tomorrow will bring on some better health and less insulin.

When I've been sick and have a fever with high bs I run my pump at !80% and frequent testing. I usually don't have to run it no more then a day, oh and I also take Tylenol to help bring the fever down.

I have never noticed my BG running higher when I’m sick. I don’t get sick by often, so maybe I’ve just never noticed any changes in my BG.

I guess that's what worries me a little.
150 for a few days and now 175 today. Another day of this, and I think I may end up going in to see if I have some kind of sinus infection or bronchitis or something. :P Might need help from a Rx. :D

It does seem like it's time to get medical help. My rule of thumb has always been if something doesn't get better or show improvement in 3 days, then it's time to call for help.

I agree with the 150 to 200 perecent.
I also recommend getting the flu shot every year. I used to catch every cold that came along but ever since I started getting the flu shots I barely catch one cold per year.

I would stongly caution against the running low idea. See "memory loss from hypos."--not a good thing.....