Temp basal for sick days?

have Bronchitis and antibiotics. In bed, eating OK but zero exercise. Increased basal to 115% on pump. Do most of you do this or just change up bolus and play chase. Thanks for thoughts

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Sorry to hear you are not feeling well. Hopefully it passes soon.

We have drastically higher BG when really sick. It is quite difficult to get them under 300.

I usually bump the basal up to 150% and do an extended bolus of 2 units per hour on top of the temp increase. For example 12 units extended over 6 hours zero percent up front.

If I see the cgm dropping below 250 then I can cancel the extended bolus and see where it goes.

Sick days are tough. We just pump insulin. Whatever it takes.


While I don’t think a 15% increase in basal is very useful (IMO), using the temp rate feature is a good idea.

Thank you Tim and Dave for your thoughts I have upped my basil to 125% and hovering in the low 200s which feels OK I guess being sick

Also changed insulin to carb ratio from 1 to 20 to 1 to 14

Thanks fellas

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