Pumping Tresiba Untethered


Hi everyone first time poster long time lurker. My son was diagnosed 5 years ago at 17 months of age. Ever since he has been on MDI using Humalog and Lantus. Recently I ordered him a T:Slim pump which he should receive any day now. We’ve had relatively moderate success using Lantus and was wondering has anyone used it off script for their child. I was planning on going the untethered route and keep him on the Lantus with the pump as well. Has anyone used the combo of a pump and Tresiba for their child?


Hello, and Welcome to the Forum!!! :confetti_ball: It always warms my heart to hear that another lurker has seen the light and decided to mend their evil ways… :wink:

While I have never gone the untethered route with my daughter, and therefore cannot be of any direct help with your questions, I would like to suggest that you mosey on over to the Children with Diabetes Forum. There is at least one parent there (of whom I am aware) who is utilizing the untethered approach with her two daughters (both of whom have T1D). I’m pretty sure she’d be happy to answer questions and offer advice: