Pumps Question: Supplemental insurance to cover Pod

Hi all,
My son Tommy was diagnosed last summer with T1. He is doing great. Now looking at pumps. My insurance doesn't cover the Pod. I am wondering about buying supplemental insurance that would cover it. Any suggestions?

I have Kaiser and I really like them but they don't cover the Pod. I hear they are coming out with smaller version which looks good for kids.

Hi, Tommy. As far as the smaller version, that has been available for more than a year now. My son has been using the OmniPod system for over seven years. Unfortunately I can't speak to the insurance questions you ask. Although we are very happy with the system, if I had to expend a significant amount more for it, I would have to seriously weigh the pros and cons. It would be a matter of what exactly the cost difference would be.

Thanks, seven years seems like a good amount of time. Yes, we will probably start with whatever our insurance covers.