CozMore or Omni Pod?

my insurance has agreed to help me get either i choose? i currently have a paradigm pump and ive about had it with minimed products! i want the omnipod, and i was able to wear one for a few days to see how it felt. i wasnt actually using it, just wearing it, and it was really bulky. but the fact of knowing i dont have to have the tubing and all those extra supplies to carry around when i travel, really makes me want that more. any opinions?

What happened with Minimed? Did you not like their pumps?Tell me all about it,as I am deciding which pump I should go with.Thanks.

What was the problem with your Paradigm?


I have had a Minimed pump since 2002. I love them. I was first on a Disetronic (are they even in business anymore… I hope not) and had a major issue with the fact that you could not disconnect from the pump. My Minimed has taken a line drive baseball (I was playing first base in an industrial league and I wasn’t paying attention when the ball was hit) right into it, and still worked after words. I did have issues, early on, with static shocks shorting out the pump, but once I put it into the leather case, problem solved.

I have the Paradigm 715 pump with the BD Link blood glucose meter. I use the MMT-317 infusion sets (I tried the ones that disconnect at the infusion site, but they would tend to pull out). Now I’m not familiar with Cozmo or Omnipod, but can you really travel around without supplies to change your infusion set? Can you leave it in for longer than the recommended 3 days?

I like the extra tubing (especially when I sleep… pump falls out of shorts pocket onto floor and doesn’t pull out). In the winter when I usually have long pants on (it gets pretty cold in the Northeast) I run the pump down the leg of the pants and put it into my sock. In the summer, I wrap up the extra tubing and put it into the waist pouch which I converted to fit around my thigh. I use the remote to bolus, so I don’t need to worry about taking the pump out, no matter where it is.

I’m sorry that you have had such a tough time with your Paradigm pump… maybe someone who is more familiar with the Cozmore or Omnipod could steer you in the right direction.


Disetronic is still in business. They just paired with AccuCheck. I was least impressed by theirs when choosing a pump, but I have a friend whose type one father loves it. I actually really wanted a Cozmo, but the insurance company wouldn’t cover it. (The omnipod either, now that I think about it, but I wasn’t particularly interested). I think in the end, no one is going to have much sway in what you want. I know no one did in trying to convince me that the Paradigm was really the way to go! Although, I’m happy with it now, and chances are you will be too with whichever you decide.

Hi Kayla!I too am deciding on which pump to get.I think I have narrowed it down to a Minimed or Cozmo.Before I really looked into the Cozmo I liked the way it looked.I hear that Minimed carges more money for their supplies.I have 90% med.coverage so insurance isn’t a problem.I also like the idea that Cozmo gives free upgrades.I am so excited about going on the pump.It is as close to a cure than anything.If you’d like email me back at verndee@primus .ca and tell me how it went.

I started using the OmniPod on January 24th and I love it. My second choice was the MiniMed, but I had several issues with the pump, the tubing and the insertion. I wear my pod on my arm and it’s out of the way and up on my arm high enough that it can’t be seen with most of the shirts I wear. The other plus is that the PDM is also a Freestyle blood glucose meter…which I was very happy with, but my insurance company won’t cover the testing strips. It’s been three weeks now and my blood sugar is under better control and I’m very happy not taking injections. Also, the fact that there is no tubing is AWESOME. I don’t get snagged on anything and my curious 2 year old granddaughter doesn’t have that to yank on…I was also concerned about sleeping with the MiniMed pump. I have a friend on the Minimed and he says he just tosses it in the bed with him…i just found that very scary thinking about getting tangled in the tubing…Hope this helps!

I am so confused!!! I am new to all of this and I have been looking at insulin pumps since October. I just can’t decide wich pump to go with. There are good and bad about all of them. I am looking in to three right now, Animas, Paradigm, and cozmore. Since I have never touched a pump before can anyone give me advice on what to go with for a first timer?
Thank so much!!

Jamie, breathe!

the 3 you are looking at as well as the others are all good choices. The folks that wear them typically are ONLY MAD THEY WAITED! Go with you instincs, your intellect or with your emotions BUT GO.

Joe (T1 31 years, pumping 18 Months with my Minimed and yes, I am mad I waited so long)

I currently use the OmniPod, but I did a lot of research prior to choosing it. After reading all the material I received from the various pump companies, I finally narrowed it down to the Paradigm or the OmniPod. I’ll start with the Paradigm. There were several reasons why I was looking at it in the first place: first, it was by MiniMed and they had a pretty good reputation as a manufacturer and had been around for a long time. That made me feel good about the quality. They made the pump that was the best known in my area AND it was the one that my doctor uses (she’s diabetic as well). My issues with it were that I was uncomfortable with the tubing. I was worried about snagging it, or getting tangled in it or my curious granddaughter yanking it out. That said, I was also uncomfortable with the needle. Prior to pump therapy, I was on 3 injections per day that I took with an injecting device because I don’t like seeing the needle go into my skin…it makes me sick. LOL So the Paradigm has an inserting device that was more “harsh” than the device I used for injections. I felt like it hit my skin too hard and that it gave a little jerk if you were holding it very tightly. Also, some people insert the needle without the device, but it has to be at a 90 degree angle…so some spots on your body, someone would have to assist you that way. The OmniPod answered all of my concerns. It is tubeless. I can put it on anywhere that there is fat by myself. I insert the needle by remote and it goes in at a 45 degree angle. I know that any pump at times have their own issues, but so far so good. I hope this has been somewhat helpful. I’m sorry I’m not more knowledgeble about the other pumps that you are considering.

I am torn between getting another Animas pump (which I LOVE) or an Omni too. The benefit of the Omni is no tubing, but like you said it is somewhat bulky. The normal pump warranty is 4 years (most companies) so if bulky is something you are worried about it may be best to get the Cozmore and wait to get the Omni. I really think that by the time your warranty is up, Omni will have advanced and be smaller/easier to wear. I think I am leaning in this direction myself.

If you get the Omni, let me know how you like it please. I am interested in personal opinions :slight_smile:

Oh my goodness.

My sister is Type 1 and she introduced me to the pump. I’ve been pumping for over 6 years.
I started with the Cozmo pump, due to it’s extraordinary software. However due to it’s lack of a future, i moved to the minimed.
I used the minimed for a year and a half, and finally got fed up with it. the tubing, the constant can’t deliver, the extra by products of everything that i had to have, i had 8 boxes in total. And they’re like hot dogs and hot dog buns, 8 in one and 10 in the other, go figure. I also hated the software, i was at 76 blood glucose and was going to take 60 grams of carb and my pump wanted to give it all to me.
I had wanted the omnipod since i had heard about it, but it took 2 years to come to my area. I decided to do it once i got fed up with minimed and my insurance coverage changed.

The omnipod ROCKS. It’s not about minimizing the fact that you use a pump, it’s about minimizing what having a pump means. Easy application. Painfree canula insertion. Consistent canula insertion. NO TUBING. It’s amazing, i go to the bathroom and i don’t have to decide what to do with my pump when i sit. I go to take a shower and don’t have to disconnect. I take a bath and don’t have to disconnect or risk the destruction of my pump. Something happens with the mechanism of the pump itself and i swap to another one. the PDM isn’t worse then caring around a glucomonitor. The PDM has some cool features, such as the food database, which is great for when you have to guess about a food. Also you can setup presets by either individual food or by meal, you can also do temp basal presets, so if you exercise and you do 50% for 2 hours then you can set that up as an exercise temp basal preset.
Also this year they’re suppose to integrate with DEXCOM, and have some software updates to do proper IOB from food intake. I’ve been so excited about not having tubing that I’ve got my sister looking into this pump.

I think the pump with a cord has made me slightly depressed, like an anchor weighing me down. I feel so relieved and overall better. I forget that i’m wearing patches (that’s my pump’s name), it’s light and stays on, i don’t feel it whatsoever to the point i try to scratch where it is cuz i don’t think it’s in.

Go for the ominpod! you won’t regret it.

I am curious why you say the Cozmo had no future when you switched? They just came out with an update. I use Cozmo and love it, but have only been using it for a year, so who knows what I will get when it’s time for my next pump.

Do a trial with the OmniPod. I had tried the 3 main pumps and the OmniPod each for a few days before deciding and I went with the OmniPod for many reasons. The main reasons were as a new pumper I found the OmniPod the easiest to use go thru the menus, setups and such. I was able to set basils, bolus, IOB, everything without even using the manual. I also loved not having the tubing. I know many pumpers here say that they don’t even notice the tubing, HOWEVER as a NEW Pumper you will notice the tubing, it’s with you 24 x 7 unless you disconnect from the pump. I do not know that the OmniPod is even on my body. I even hear some people say the using the OmniPod is trying to hide the fact that you are on a pump. NONSENSE! It’s all about convenience and comfort! I am so amazed by it’s technology and ease of use. I also here people say “What happens if I lose the PDA (controller)”, well first of all we are all diabetics and we all I hope carry around meters to check our blood, well the OmniPod is your pump controller plus you blood glucose meter all in one. Someone on insulin should NEVER leave their house without their meter and if you do you should go back and get it. So I guess I saying that more then likely you will not forget your PDA at home and even if you do your Basil will still work you just cannot give yourself a Bolus. If you lose the PDA, Insulet will replace it for $300.00 usually within 24 hours. I love my OmniPod. I’m not saying the OmniPod is not without problems but then who could say that their pumps are perfect? About 1 in 20 or so pods fail upon the diagnostic check it goes thru before it activates. This means you have to use another pod and send the failed one back to Insulet to get a replacement for free. Is this a hassle? Not really!. Remember this is a fairly new product, Insulet is working on making the pod better and better. I am willing to put up with a little inconvenience not to have that tubing connected to my body. The OmniPod will eventually be paired up with one of the CBGM with the FreeStyle Navigator or the Dexcom. Insulet is working on getting the Pod even smaller then what it is. As far as people saying the POD is to big well I have a question for you, did you actually wear the pod for a few days? Is the OmniPod for everyone? Of course not but I sincerely believe that it deserves a close look. Lots of people have a lot of negative input about the OmniPod but have never really given the product a fair chance, they have all these preconceived notions about what they think is bad about it. They have not had one in their hands, used it, felt it on their bodies, etc. Contact Insulet or your CDE. Have them have you put one on your body for a few days. Try it. I bet you will end up getting a pod over the other pumps. Again I’m not saying that the pod is for everyone however I think everyone should have open mines and try to test all the pumps on the market before they make such a serious decision in their lives. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions that I may be able to answer.


I did a lot of research on the Omnipod and the Cozmo recently. They were my 2 top choices. As a new pumper, reading reviews and information, I felt like Minimed was the big kid on the block…like AT&T in the old-fashioned world of long distance. Yes, they had been around forever and were the largest but the pump parts were expensive and proprietary and I felt that they were riding on their reputation without working on improving their product or customer service. Of course, I’m the kind of person that never used the old reliable AT&T either…but the company I did use was MUCH less expensive:) I think the Cozmo software was the best out there and the pump was the most feature-rich but in the end fell for the allure of the tetherless Omnipod. I love it and agree with the other posts on here that it isn’t about being discrete at all…it’s about convenience. Trust me…you’d still get plenty of questions! I think the product is incredible, as is the customer service, and I think they are making leaps and bounds in advancing the technology. I’m sure “upgrades” will be easy. If they change the pod, then you can probably just get the new pods with your new order. If they upgrade the PDM…I doubt it would cost very much, since you can buy a brand new one for $300. Of course, as was already said on here, it’s an individual decision and I’m sure you’ll be happy with whatever you chose.

I’ve been using the OmniPod for about a month now. It is my first pump, and the whole tube issue was what had me ambivalent about pumps – what to do when sleeping, showering, swimming, etc. With the pod, there are no decisions or distractions. You just go. I have not found it to be bulky at all (although if they come out with a smaller one, I certainly won’t mind.) I didn’t really like the idea of a tube showing, but that was not the big turnoff for me. I love the PDM, and my control is a whole lot better with a whole lot less insulin these days. I’m looking forward to my next A1C

i just transitioned to the omnipod from multiple injections. i agree with you, it is a little bulky, especially for us girls who tend to wear more body-fitting clothes (one reason i probably will not wear it on my leg). i’m wearing this like a badge of honor though, on the back of my arm! i love explaining it to people who ask what it is.

i personally have never tried a pump with a tube…it took me 15 years to switch to a pump simply because i HATED the idea of having a tube attached to me. i’m a klutz; i know i would rip that out. the omnipod appealed to me because it’s wireless, so that was really the only deciding factor for me.

good luck! :slight_smile:

I am so glad to hear there is someone else out there who is fed up with Minimed. I have had just as much trouble with my Paradigm as a lot of people on here have had with Omnipod and I get zero help from Minimed. They always come up with a way that it is my fault and not the machine or the equipment/supplies. I don’t have any personal experience yet with the Omnipod, but I can’t wait to try it. I only hope my insurance company covers it.

Thank you for this post!!! You addressed everything that I like about the Omnipod and have helped me decide. I really think I will give the pod a try. I don’t think I will regret it. I can wear a dress comfortably, I can go swimming for more than 30 minutes at a time, I won’t get tangled in my sleep anymore, and my 3-year-old won’t pull it out again. Thanks for your insight!!!

Julie, you and I have a lot in common, but I ultimately went the other way. I was between Cozmo and Omnipod and went with Cozmo.

I was tired of Minimed customer support (after 8 years and 3 pump models with them), tired of being told that I didn’t need more features (“a carb database would take so many button pushes - why not just carry a book for your carb counting?” I heard a Minimed rep say recently), suspicious of the sensors that IMHO don’t measure up to Dex’s and Nav’s. Minimed is a good company with a seriously good product and history, but I can’t help but feel that they are the big kid who needs these little kids to push their research and development department to raise the bar, so I wanted to support the feature-rich little kids. I went with Cozmo for its software and user interface, for its functionality. It’s ahead of Omnipod as far as customization and management software…but so behind design-wise - Cozmo is the ugly girl with the great personality. laughs I am totally romanced by Omnipod and I think they are certainly the new kid to be watching. I can’t wait to see what they do next. For now, I am happy with my choice of Cozmo. But my next pump?..we’ll see…