Pushing the limits

I’m curious if anyone else here does looong rides. I got hooked on doing centuries a few years ago, and keep looking forward to doing longer rides each year. My first year riding I did a 90 mile day, the next year I had a 137 mile ride, and last year my longest was 147 miles. There’s something about being outside all day long on the bike that I’m addicted to, so this year I’m looking to reach 170-200 miles once it gets a bit warmer and the daylight is longer.

I usually set the pump to a -90% basal, and don’t bolus more than a unit for meals while riding, because my insulin requirements are so low when I’m active. I generally don’t eat much all at once either - usually just snacking throughout the day to keep the BGs level.

What’s your longest ride? Any tips or tricks to eating or BG/insulin management?

Hi Andy,
I’m training for my first century this year & plan on riding at least 4. I’m a Type 2, so it’s easier for me, but I found last year when I did my first 50 & bonked badly that I need to eat & drink a lot more than usual. Of course, it having been 98 degrees with all the hills in the last 5 miles may have had something to do with it also.

I do a lot of centuries. I also received coaching from an excellent sports trainer who coaches a lot of diabetic triathletes. I posted her formula here. 200k is my longest.