Qsymia info anyone?

“Today is day one on Qsymia “diet pill” anyone else trying this drug and have some information to share? Just a note I have considered the pros, cons and potential side effects so no need to repeat here. Thanks for sharing in advance!”

I looked over the side effects and feel it's too scary to try. I'm going to just stick to watching my carb intake and keep running for my workouts. If you truly decide to try this please watch the other drugs you might be taking. Watch for any side effects that might occur. I support your decision to try it... but take it slowly and keep us informed how it works out.

I've been on a very low dose of generic Qsymia prescribed by my PCP and I love it! The first two weeks were a little rough to get use to, but I'm really happy I stuck it out. The difference between this medicine and other diet fads is that this pill is legitimately used to treat epilepsy. However, the side effect is a loss of appetite. I haven't had any major side effects besides dry mouth (which being a T1 I'm use to!) and some numbness in my feet (usually twice a week for like 5 seconds). These are completely normal according to my PCP. So far in a month and a half I have lost 21 lbs, and 3 1/2 inches from my waist. I have much more energy and my portion control has improved greatly. I recommend this to anyone who really needs a boost to weightloss! I have had no problems managing my blood sugars with this medicine either, in fact, my sugars have actually improved! "Bad" foods taste horrible and the "good" foods taste great which leads to a nutritional diet!