Hey guys! I wanted to bring up a discussion about Symlin, which I have just recently been prescribed to. I am a little nervous about any side effects mostly but also if it has helped anyone else with weight loss because that was the primary reason I have been put on it. so anyway if anyone who has been on Symlin has any info for me I would really appreciate it!

Hi CaityJ. We have a whole group on TuDiabetes for people who use Symlin! I bet you could get some great information over there :)

Good luck!

I tried symlin for "being hungry all the time" symptoms and these were my results: I never got past using the lowest dose because of pretty bad nauseau and I was going hypo a lot during my meals so I stopped. It did help the hunger feelings a lot though. I hope you get a good result from it.

I also tried Symlin when I found myself gaining weight. It is very difficult to figure out the dosing for Symlin and there isn't really much help, even from the Symlin people. But I figured it out and was able to significantly reduce my insulin doses. I had no side effects such as nausea. However, I didn't lose an ounce, so I discontinued Symlin. From following the Symlin group I learned that Symlin has very different results for different people. Some people have bad side effects and can't build up their dose. Some people have no side effects and find they have much better control with Symlin. Some people lose significant weight. Some like me tolerate it fine but don't lose weight. I hope it works for you. I gave it a good try through the learning curve of determining both Symlin dose, timing and insulin doses. Give it a try and I hope it helps! In the end I lost the weight I'd been gaining through reduction of carbs and eliminating some very high fat foods (which I know is not a popular idea on here!)