Question about Medtronic's CGM

My husband just got off the phone with Medtronic. They told him their Minilink Real Time Transmitter only lasts 9-12 months. After that, you have to buy a new one. This is the first time we’ve heard this. Does anyone have any experience with this? We’re considering buying one that’s been used.

A CDE that works for Medtronics told me that if you charge them offen and not let them completely discharge they will last longer I have had mine since nov. last year and been waring it 24/7 and still going. This is my first. I would personally shy away from a used one if at all possible.

My CDE/CGMS trainer said they are guarnateed for 9 months (to the origianl purchaser), but that most people who do not let them ever totally die, are getting a year, maybe a bit more

my tranmitte stoped working after about a year - I had to purchase a new one!

I am curious to know if my insurance will pay for another transmitter after my current one dies in 8 months, they paid for the first one and I am sure Medtronic had to tell them life expectancy of the transmitter. Never a dull moment!!

I was never told this! I got the CGMS last September so does that mean I can expect my transmitter to die soon? I stopped using it the first time b/c I was getting inaccurate readings. I decided to give it another try a few weeks ago but had to order new sensors since the ones I had left had expired & they wouldn’t take them back. I used it for a week but since have found out that my insurance may not be covering the sensors since they are “disposable” and not “durable” so I stopped using it for now. Now my transmitter might die too? sigh

I think the reason the transmitter goes bad after a year or so is due to the rechargeable battery failing. It is pretty small and sealed in the case pretty tight. If you have not been using your CGMS for a good while then I am sure it will last for many months. As far as accuracy you really need to give it a solid month of use. I find it to be very accurate overall maybe not at an exact moment like a meter but you really need to look at the trends and data on Carelink.

hope this helps

Melissa, I’ve used the Minimed pump for many years and now use the Minimed MiniLink CGM. I’m so disappointed with the minilink I wish I’d saved my money! I’m shopping around now for a new pump and CGM. I’ll be so happy when I don’t have to deal with Minimed people again! My MiniLink has lasted almost a year, and I’m expecting the battery to go out any day now. At every sensor change, I put the transmitter on the charger for about 10 minutes and the battery has lasted this long now. If you want to buy a used one, I’ll sell you mine!


Just curious as to what you didn’t like about Medtronic? I have always had good experiences with them. I had 2 sensors go bad and I got them both replaced for free.

I am extremely happy with mine. Most of the time mine is within 5 of my meter. Only exceptions are when going up or down very fast–which it tells me I am doing…even then with my meter-- a couple of minutes apart the test will be nowhere near the same.

For me,the most importatnt was to be able to catch my lows (as I have unawareness)…and I have been able to kill most of those with some basal adjustments. Thre are still some just freaky out of left field ones—the CGMS at least warns me about those while I can still fix them.

Also helped me tune my dual wave so I am getting for the most part a very smoooth–albeit still a bit high (closer to 120 than 100) level…being very careful to titrate down slowly and not cause more lows…