MM Users- How long?

I’m on my first sensor with the MM Guardian, and it’s on day 16 (I think) and has been pretty accurate the whole time, so I’m now a lot less worried about sensor costs.
I figured out that if a transmitter lasts a year, the transmitter becomes as expensive as the sensors if the sensors average 20 days’ use. The rep told me that a transmitter lasts longer if it’s recharged frequently, so I’ve been taking off the tape, recharging the transmitter, reattaching it to the sensor and putting on new tape every three days. I have two questions for long time users.
One: how long have your transmitters lasted?
Two: after how many days’ sensor use do you recharge your transmitter?

I can get 6 to 9 days per sensor.

I can also get 6 days without charging but I am no longer doing that so my transmitter last longer.

I only get 6 days per sensor. When I’ve tried to go longer, I just get Cal Error after Cal Error, so I’ve just resigned myself to the 6 days. At least it’s twice as long as recommended. I leave the transmitter on the whole 6 days. I really need to go back to recharging it though so it doesn’t die on me prematurely. I got lazy, and for no good reason, my insurance company says it won’t cover the IV3000. They say it’s non-essential. I’d like them to wear a CGMS without it and see how long before they rip it out putting clothes on or taking them off. I’ve wasted several sensors that way. So I’ve been thrifty with the IV3000 since they’re out-of-pocket.

Of course, now the company is saying they aren’t going to pay for sensors anymore after they’ve covered them for 10 months, so it might all be moot in another 10 days when I’ve used my last sensor.

Hi all,

I’m brand new on my cgms (and so far so good! I’m so happy:D)

Is it true that the transmitter lasts longer if it’s recharged frequently? My rep didn’t mention it…I’m curious if this is common knowledge. (I’d rather ask all of you than bother calling her - although she is great! )


J have nothing but good to say about the people at MM they are great. I have worn mine up to 9 days w/o recharging but when the MM Rep told the transmiter would last longer I started un pluging and recharging every 3 days I ust the sensor 6 to 9 days after that site gets sore and infected.

Transmitter life I can not say because I have not had it long enough (about 5 months). Medtronic actually just replaced my transmitter for me because I was having problems with it connecting to the sensor. If I moved or bumped it, it would lose signal with the pump. It was driving me crazy so they replaced it 23 days before it goes out of warranty!!

I have gone 24 plus days on a sensor. The key to making it last a long time is to make sure that it is taped down well so it does not move. Second, on day 8 you will get a weak signal alert that is your cue to take the transmitter off and recharge it. If you don’t you will get a lost sensor alert. Once you have charged the transmitter up hook it back up have the pump find lost sensor and away you go.

I also cover the transmitter and the sensor with 1 piece of IV3000. I have used Tagaderm before but the adhesive is so strong that it usually removes skin although Tagaderm is great for going to the pool. IV3000 is expensive but the 60 dollars makes it worth it and it works great. Band aids get expensive as well.