Question about Omnipod, and it's distance from PDM

I was diagnosed with Type 1 less than a month ago, and I'm starting to research pump options. I am looking into the Omnipod. One of the main questions I have is about the range of the PDM. The information I read about the system said the pod has to be within 2 feet of the PDM for any change in insulin delivery to occur, bolus or basal. Is this correct. I understand that I will be holding the PDM when I bolus, but what about programed basal changes say at night or mid-day?

If the PDM is on a night stand on my side of the bed will it be able to communicate with the pod that is on, say, the arm opposite the PDM?

Do you generally carry the PDM on your person even at home during the day?

Is this 2 foot distance maximum an inconvenience at all?

Thanks in advance for your help.

I usually leave my PDM in the living room when I go to bed at night…so the answer is that you do not need the PDM near you to dose the basil. Also, when I bolus, after I push the button I will get up and walk away leaving the PDM on the table. The only time you need the PDM on you is when you first start the bolus, Hope that helps.

Hi Jon. So if you leave the PDM in the other room at night, you must not have a basal rate change programed to occur in the middle of the night. I’m assuming if you did need a nighttime change, you would need to keep the PDM close, for example, to adjust for “dawn phenomenon”. Does this sound accurate?


Right Katie. And Moonsynth, I do have a basal change at 3am…preparing for the dawn P…and yes…the PDM is still in the living room. That’s another plus for tubeless.

Wow, ok… that’s great. I was thinking only one basal rate would be known by the Pod. Thanks for clearing it up for me!