Carrying the PDM

Hi. I am considering switching over to the Omni Pod system. I like how the pod iteslf is self-contained, no tubes; however, I am currently wondering how it is keeping up with the PDM. Is it small enough to wear on a belt or in a pocket? Are there any situation where you can't take it along with you? What if it breaks, gets lost, etc ? Any answers would greatly help me in my decision to swtich to Omni Pod. Thanks.

The best thing I can tell you is it's similar to injections. If it bothered you to always have to go get your insulin and syringe to inject, then it will bother you to always go get the pdm to get insulin. No system is perfect and maybe that won't bother you, but that's the closest analogy I can think of.

Good luck!!

I always have the pdm "with" me but not necessarily "on" me. I'm female so I keep the pdm in my purse. Once you start a pod, your basal is set to go and you don't even need the pdm, You only need it to take a bolus at meals or use the temp basal rate or something that will "change" the output of the pdms set basal rate. Don't know if the new system has a smaller pdm. I have the old model and it measures 2 3/4 wide X 4.5 high X 1" thick and I suppose you could wear it on a belt or in a pocket but the whole reason I went with the pod is so I wouldn't need to hang anything off me. If you forget the pdm (luckily hasn't happened to me so far) you can take a bolus with a regular pen or needle,like I said, once it's going your basal rate goes until you need to change, every 2 - 3 days. I carry the vial of insulin with me and a needle just in case things break down. I've also carried a pen for the same reason. I can draw insulin from a pen and fill a pod also if needed. If you carry a brief case you could just throw the pdm in that to have with you during the work days.

First of all, PDM is a glucometer as well. So how ever you carry meter, it will be the same.
After switching I carried it in a black case, just like glucose meter. Now I am on DEXCOM, I don't need strips and lancets all the time, PDM goes solo now, in rubbery case.
I have small bag/purse: glucose tabs, PMD, wallet, phone.
pocket.... a bit too thick, for me definitely no
case on belt - possible, look into it. I have seen post on TU, some cases on insulet website.

I love NOT having PDM on me ALL the time. NOT worrying about water etc.
Good luck

my son manages to fit his in his pocket, and also has a black carrying case that it came with to fit lancet, test strips extra pod and insulin if need be, it works for him and if it is a quick run out to the store it can stay behind ..... good luck with your decision!

The PDM that is the remote to dispense insulin is the same as the meter you use to test. It is to bulky to carry in a pocket so a bag or pouch/pack of some sort is recommended. Really shouldn't be much differnt that carrying your current meter. They do not give you an extra PDM but you can purchase one for around $600 if you really feel the need to. But if you lose the PDM they can typically ship one out to you overnight or if you have a rep that is near by that can drop one off to you. If you do lose it, you would still get your basal but would need to give yourself an injection to cover the food you eat. If you currently have a pump you can always switch back to that until you get your the new PDM arrives.
My 7 yr old that use to be on the Medtronic pump but loves the Omni Pod much more and said she never wants to switch back . Good luck with your decision.

I use the black bag Insulet provides. It fits in my pocket during the summer when I wear cargo shorts with big pockets. During the winter it fits in a hoodie pocket. Most days it sits on my desk while I work, and stays in the car if I'm not eating on an outing. The 3rd Gen PDM is exactly the same size as the 2nd Gen. I use Dex and keep the G4 receiver in the bag too.

It's not ideal, but if you are going to have Diabetes, I think OmniPod's still the best solution available. We'll always have to carry stuff--until there's a cure. Give it a try....what do you have to lose?

Really good questions re: the POD. Personally speaking, I haven't encountered a place that you cannot take your PDM. It's a little thicker than an iPhone (especially if you have the plastic cover) but it's a relief not having the tubes or pump tethered to your body.

I wore the MiniMed for 10 years before I started with Omnipod.If you carry a cell phone -- you will not be encumbered with the PDM. Truthfully, you might forget you're wearing an insulin pump.

Barbraann's description sums it up, perfectly. Having the PDM "with" you and not on you is a liberating feeling with pump therapy. I cannot drive home the point strongly enough. It's nice be detached and still be in-control :)

I was concerned about the same thing because I often used to leave my glucose tester everywhere I went, but, for whatever reason, I haven't done that so far, perhaps because I know it's much more important. I've found places to carry it (coat pockets, cargo short pockets, etc. Also, if I know for sure I'm not going to need to eat or otherwise bolus, and if I'll be away from home for just a short time, I don't have to take it with me.

Limited Warranty Coverage

Insulet Corporation warrants to the original purchaser ("you") that the Personal Diabetes Manager (the "PDM") will be free from defects in materials and workmanship, under normal use and conditions, for a period of four (4) years from the date of purchase. If Insulet Corporation determines that the repair or replace, as its option, the PDM at no charge to you, subject to the conditions and exclusions stated herein. This Warranty applies only to new devices and, in the event the PDM is repaired or replaces, the warranty period shall not be extended.

I fit the PDM in my pockets all the time; jeans (not the "skinny jeans"), cargo shorts, khaki slacks, whatever. It's smaller but thicker than the average smartphone. Like others have said, you don't need to have it at hands' reach all the time; mine often stays in the car if I'm out somewhere but not eating. On short trips from home I often leave it at home anyway.

Because I also use the meter function on mine, I'm conscious to always keep it with me, and so far I haven't had any issues. It's about the size of a bulky cell phone. Sometimes people think it's my phone, and wonder why it's so thick. I have no problem slipping it in to the front pants pocket when needed. It's often in a courier bag I carry, or in a coat pocket. (Carrying test strips and a lancet, and some kind of sugar, is actually more cumbersome.) I do have a fear of forgetting it somewhere, but I think that fear drew me to develop habits early on, and I'm really consistent about where my pdm is, so I haven't ever lost it. I switched a little over a year ago from MDI, and love it.

You could arrange for a meeting with a local omnipod rep who will show you the pdm and pods in person. That might help give you an idea of whole thing. The new smaller pods, which are just now coming out, use the same size PDM.

I find the size and shape of the PDM to be awkward. It can fit into the average sized pocket on a pair of men's pants, but it's a tight fit. With the silicon cover, it's an even tighter fit. The carrying case is an awkward size as well and the PDM will not fit into the case with the silicon cover. The silicon cover, however, really does protect the PDM in case you accidently drop it or knowk it around a bit.

Luckily, the PDM is not like a tubed pump and you do not need it on your person at all times. Once you've loaded your basal program, you only need it to bolus and test if you use your PDM as your BG meter. I keep it in my computer bag at work, my GF might carry it around in her pures if we are out, or I might just bite the bullet and shove it in my pocket if I absolutely must carry it around. Otherwise, it's mostly a matter of not forgetting it in a place I've put it for storage.

It's interesting to me that several of you carry around the PDM by itself. Don't you also need strips, lancets, etc? I always carry the PDM in the case with me, because I like having all the other supplies with me. The case has both an inside zipped pocket and an outside pocket with velcro, and I often use those to carry my cell phone glucose tablets, etc. Now, I started on the pod this past fall, so summer might be a new challenge.

BTW, I cycle a lot (road and mountain biking), and the whole case fits nicely in my back jersey pocket.

I don't use the PDM as a BG meter. I do carry my Accucheck with me wherever I go with all the supplies I require. When I go to the gym, or on a run, or wherever I'll be working out, my accucheck will go with me while my PDM, generally, will not.

If I am going out of the house to jog or run to a local store for an hour or two then I leave it at home, knowing I wont be eating. I often leave it in my car for longer shopping ventures. I leave it on my desk at work . You'll find an easy routine that works for you.

Lancets/strips are kept in my desk & my glovebox.

Yeah, as diabetics, routine is everything. Having a routine to deal with the Omnipod PDM is not difficult.

This is definitely a case where it's better to be a woman. ;) I used to carry a meter that came in a case with a 'belt loop.' It also held my strips and finger-sticker. If you currently have a meter with a case like that, I imagine you could slip the PDM into it and stick it on your belt.

Isn't a shame that fanny packs went out of style? (Not intended to offend anyone who uses a fanny pack.)

Insulet makes a belt clip holder for the PDM. I use it occasionally, but having a cell phone plus this on my belt I kinda feel like Batman sometimes... :(

plus there's these

I now use a small "golf bag" I got off Amazon, someone here mentioned them, I'll have to dig up the link. The Omnipod comes with a case, but it's small and doesn't carry and extra pod so I got this pack. It can clip to your belt, but is kinda big for that and swings around. I wore it that way a few times on vacation last year.

EDIT: Found the Amazon link.