Question about pump tweeking?!

I was wondering if you guys could help me out and tell me if my pump needs a little adjusting basal bolus wise. My endo is away on holiday so I can’t ask her this right now.

here is a rundown for my blood sugars today:

Pre Breakfast: 4.9
2 hours after: 10.1 … bolused correctly and everything

pre lunch: 6.8
2 hours after: 5.8

pre supper: 4.8
after: 6.3

pre bed snack: 5.6
after: 9.1

now a half hour later 8.9 :frowning:

the problem seems to be my blood sugars 2 hours after, but when i go to give myself a correction it says that i already have active insulin, do you think I should Raise my insulin carb ratio? Or bolus a little before a meal to give the insulin some time to work? suggestions would be great

Yeah - Danny is right - checking your basal rates first (fasting) - is the first step to do - before you start fiddling with your carb ratios. Do you have the bible of Insulin Pumping book by John Walsh - that is pretty handy to help you thru’ the basal testing.

I know for me lately, I’ve been finding that when I bolus for a meal - and I spread my bolus amount thru’ 1 hour rather then right away (Combination bolus on my Animas 2020) - that I am now attaining pretty good BG’s 3 hours later when I check (or remember to - I’m a lazy cow sometimes). I’m finding my BG’s are more steady right now - and having less hypos then when I used to bolus the whole amount for a meal (there’s a medical term for it - gastro??? - but maybe I absorb food slowly due to having diabetes so long???). Again, this is working for me right now - and may not work for you - but I was fed up with having hypos after meals - due to too much insulin (and I was entering in the correct amount of carbs for my meals). I’ve now reduced my total amount of insulin per day from 26 units to 20 units. I can’t go to my endo for help - as he’s clueless on pumping - so I do it on my own and cross my fingers it’ll work (don’t we just love this roller coaster ride of life with DiAbEtEs sometimes???).