Question about using 70/30 insulin while I'm out of Humalog

This is related to my other post about running out of Humalog insulin for my pump. I will run out of Humalog at some point tomorrow-Monday. I am not able to refill the Humalog til Tuesday.

I was thinking about using the rest of the Humalog for my pump to run at basal rate and then getting a vial of 70/30 from Walmart to cover meal bolus. I've never used 70/30 but have read on the Novolog website about how it works and how it work differently than Humalog.

If I do this, I'm assuming that I need to decrease my normal basal rate to make sure I don't experience a low??? I know we can't give out medical advice but how about just advice... more of a "what would you do if you were me" kind of thing?

I'm sure I won't be able to achieve the BG I normally get but I'm trying to prevent it from going to high and really being dangerous.


If you're planning to put it in your pump, I think you would be better off using Regular insulin, also available cheap from Walmart. This is a fast acting insulin that was used in pumps prior to approval for the rapid acting insulin analogue Humalog. 70/30 is a mix of fast acting and long acting insulins - not good for bolusing. The amount of Regular you would use for your basal, and for boluses, should be about the same, it is just a slower acting insulin (peaks in something like four hours instead of two). If your basal rate is fairly steady throughout the day then your basal should be about the same. But you may go high and then low if you bolus at the same times - which you can counteract by bolusing a bit earlier for your meals than you normally do.

The same advice if you would keep your Humalog in your pump, and bolus with injections of Regular. Just inject a bit early, or eat more slowly, to handle the possible bounce up and down. And of course test a lot (every hour or so if needed) so you can follow what's happening.

Hi jriccardi. As I said in your other post, I don't think bolusing with 7/30 is a good idea, not a good idea at all. If it were me, I'd use Regular for bolusing, and if you run out of Humalog, you can use the Regular for the basal as well. When I first got a pump, I tried out every fast-acting insulin as well as Regular to see what worked best for me in the pump. I found that the Regular worked, just a bit slow-motion.

please don't

Thanks for catching me! I didn't mean 70/30- I meant the regular.

What about doing a no carb diet for a few , til you get insulin .

Just a questionn, I assume Regular you are referring to Humalog Lispro U-100.
Humalog is a trade name that makes 75/25; 70/30 as well as U-100 lispro and others as do other vendors.

Those mixes 75/25 and 70/30 are treacherous for reasons stated earlier and have a 12 hour lasting span and require accurate dosage, timely eating and time monitoring to insure safety.