I must say that the novolog is doing better than the Humalog. No stingy feeling and it keeps my sugar levels at bay. Today’s appt we switched my basal rates and I finally learned all about temp basal and combo basal! YAY! I am so happy with novolog that I had to ask them for a rx as my samples will expire soon. I am so excited that my body likes the novolog.

The only question I have is has anyone start to have trouble with novolog after switching from something else and needed to change or was the change to novolog the best choice?

Ok so I have more questions. combo bolus, when is a good time to use it? I am still getting use to knowing it and haven’t tried it yet. So any advice on that would be nice.

Hi Amy,

I’m glad that you’re having less problems with Novolog. I haven’t noticed any difference between the rapid acting insulins when I’ve switched or used samples. I know for me whether or not boluses sting tends to be more site specific rather than insulin. It doesn’t happen very often for me.

I tend to use combo bolus for high fat meals like pizza.

Generally, people combo bolus for higher carb/higher fat foods like pizza. The fat delays the release of glucose.

As for me, I combo bolus everything over 2 units… But again, that’s just me. I believe I have an absorption issue. For example, say my BG is 140 and I want to eat something high in carbs, like a 12" grinder, which is about 100 carbs. My I:C ratio is 1:5 so I would have to bolus 20 units. I wouldn’t see any drop in bgs for 3 hours if I took it all at once. And if I ate immediately, I would go well into the 300’s.

So for smaller meals I combo bolus it over 6 minutes, larger meals go 30 or 60 minutes, depending on when I’m going to eat and my current BGs

When I switched from Humalog to Novolog it was night and day difference. Humalog hit me like a ton of bricks . . . whereas Novolog has a smoother absorption. I’ve been taking Novolog for 10 years or more and I still love it. Tired Apidra for a short while . . . Me and It do NOT get along!

I’ve used Apidra, Humalog and Novalog in my pump. Apidra and Novalog were pretty similar absorption rates and basal levels for me. I did not like Humalog, it was not rapid acting enough, and stayed in my system too long. I was constantly experiencing lows I could not correct for while I was exercising (I’m not much of a planner, so the concept of turning down my basal 45minutes before a workout didn’t occur to me). Novalog works great for me, but I do have a higher basal and I:C ratio with it than with humalog. I stopped the apirda because my co-pay was too high.

I will combo bolus for anything with a high fat content like pizza like everyone else mentioned, and peanut butter sandwiches. Over time, with 2hr post meal bg checks, you get a feel for what needs a combo bolus.

I was put on the Novolog trial program when it was due to hit the US market, because Humalog gave me a miserable allergy.
I like the way it works much better. Humalog required every increasing doses.

When my son was first diagnosed and his pancreas still made some insulin…we were shocked when he needed anything over 7 units to cover a meal… NOW…for breakfast 22 units! He has only been diagnosed maybe a year and a 1/2 now…your comment makes me wonder if it could also be the humalogs fault his does keeps increasing…not just leaving the honeymoon period.

A long time ago, I met a lady who said she was in Humalog trials. She said they found some people need more and more. Now I have no idea if that is even true. For me it was, but the huge red blotches I got around the infusion site was even more a reason that I had to switch. You never know. Might want to check it out. I know it’s more complicated with your situation–newly diagnosed.

thanks guys. I am just too new to the combo bolus. I am glad its there tho! So far Novolog is my love. I am glad y’all have success with it. So far so good with it. I just hope I wont have issues later on like I did with the humalog. I hated humalog from the beginning. But now humalog is out of the picture. When I do try out the combo bolus, I’ll let you guys know if I have any questions with my trial and error and see if I did it right or wrong.

Hi Amy,
I started with Novolog then went to Humalog and after years of that I have now been on Apridra for several years. Glad to hear it is working for you.

Thanks. I am glad novolog works. I would dread doing the boluses on the humalog as it would sting so bad I was on the verge of crying. Novolog doesn’t do that and I am amazed when I look at my meter on how much is left to go in and know its working.

What pump are you on? How can you combo bolus for 6minutes? I’m on the PIng and also have absorption problems after years of this. Combo bolus’ work much better for me as well.

Sandy, I’m on the ping. It goes down to 0.1 hours (6 minutes)

How did you go into your settings to do that??? Mine only does .5hrs the way it’s set now and I did not see an option to change my timing on the combo time.

My Apidra stings every now and again but for me it is more a site thing than a insulin thing. It’s always great when things work out. I wonder sometimes if our bodies just get soo used to one insulin. I wonder if I went back and forth every year or so if my body would be more responsive to whatever insulin you change to if that makes sense.

When you’re on the Combo Bolus screen, enter the Total U then press OK. Before hitting OK again for the “Go”, arrow up to Duration. You can also adjust the ratio.

Scott, I went in and looked at the settings and just never realized that you can turn the time down and not just up. Felt kind of silly. The 0.1 bolus would be perfect for anyone having trouble with site breakdown or huge boluses when they don’t tag or combo bolus. Specially for the kind of insulins that burn. Should almost be a main post. I’m sure if I didn’t realize this that there are many more sillies out there that don’t either. :o) Thank you for sharing that.

No problem! Good luck with it.

If I’m in a rush to eat something, sometimes I grab some leftover humalog pens that I have an shoot a few units in a different part of my stomach from where my infusion site is. Seems to work pretty well in addition to the combo bolus… Just harder to keep track of my IOB.

This is what I do if I give additional insulin without my pump (mind you it’s waste but…) I detach my catheter and just bolus into the sink. I do this so I don’t accidentally over medicate and the IOB is correct. :o)