Question for Dexcom Users

I am looking into Dexcom. I'd like to have one but it is unclear whether insurance will cover it. Still waiting for an answer, but I estimate the chances at no better than 50-50. If they won't cover it, how much do I need to save up to handle it myself? Their web site discusses everything but cost.

Anyone know the answer to this?

iirc, the initial cost is close to $1000. This includes the transmitter and the receiver. The transmitter lasts for about 18 months. (My current one is at 22 months right now.) I am less sure of the cost for sensors, but I think they run about $80 each. They are supposed to be changed out every seven days, but I always get at least 14 days with acceptable accuracy. (Use skintac to prep though or the adhesive will fail in seven days or less. Ymmv however)

did you ever get your dexcom? it took me a little less than a year and 4 appeals. I have blue cross blue shield of vermont. it was well worth the weight. the squeaky wheel definitely got the grease.

No, 'fraid not. My insurance simply won't consider it if you're not T1.

I purchased my Dexcom 7 Plus in Feb 2012. The special they were running at the time as $999 with a $200 rebate visa card. The sensors run almost $45 each.
I am just looking to upgrade to the G4, but have not found out the cost or insurance coverage yet, as I have to wait until 2/2013 for confirmation.
Good Luck! It made a world of difference for me!