Question for those that can't tolerate Metformin

Hi there -

I was put on Metformin 6 weeks ago and while it’s controlling my blood sugar quite well (I’ve only had two or 3 numbers over 140 since!), it makes me feel like “you-know-what”. I’m soooo incredibly tired, no energy and lots of stomach problems. I have a f/u with my endo tomorrow where we’ll look at the results of my blood work (c-peptide, gad, islet, etc.) If those are normal and I’m still classified as Type 2, I’m considering telling him I want to try diet and exercise for a while.

Have any of you had side effects from Metformin that lead you to another method of treatment? If so, what was it and how successful were you?

Thanks for any comments!

Hi there, too!

If you can control through diet and exercise, great. However, you might want to hang in there awhile with metformin - if you are truly insulin resistant, it’s one of the best RX - proven and with none of the really horrible (and potentially health-threatening) side effects of other oral meds. I understand the stomach disturbance (that’s a nice way of putting it, huh?), but if you avoid taking it on an empty stomach and hang in there, these effects may subside. I’ve been taking it for many years and rarely have any discomfort.

Hope that helps.