Quick Question

okay is there a type of 24 hour base insulin that works as Lantus does but without the sting?? i remember that a few people were talking about it on here but i can’t remember the name of it

Yes, it is Levemir. I switched from Lantus to Levemir. It does not sting at all.
I was on two shots of Lantus as well…AM and PM. Stayed the same with Levemir. For me it is a “smoother” insulin and I have less lows through the night as well.

I found Levemir to be very itchy after injecting… not immediately, but say 15-20 minutes later, I’d basically develop a big welt wherever I injected it. It also didn’t seem to work at all for me. It’s possible I got part of a bad batch or something, but I just switched back to Lantus and am much happier…

thank you all.
Lantus just stings like hell for me and there are days where i would rather skip that shot than take it.
for me it not only stings but i get the big bump at the site i use it at…my endo says its just because i take such a large dose of it. (31 in the morn and 10 at night)