Racing and insulin

I was wondering if you are Type 2 and on insulin do you lower your long lasting insulin in the day or two before the race day? I'm currently using 18 units of Lantus in the evening and waking up with a blood sugar at or below 100. I was worried about dropping low during a race even with eating a snack and was wondering if I should drop the Lantus lower on the day or two before race day. I have run a 5k and was fine, but I want to try and do a 10k in a few months.

Good luck and grats!

I'm not a distance runner, a T2, or on MDI, but i definitely lower my basal dosage if I know I'm going to be exercising or more active than usual over a period of time longer than 20ish minutes. I don't think you will need to mess with your dosage two days in advance though. It's gonna be a bit trickier on MDI. Maybe think about working on splitting your dose so that you can retain your usual coverage for the hours prior to the race, then drop your dosage to cover the time you are racing.

Again, best of luck!

I'm a t2 runner but take novolog in the morning. my .02 would be to try this on a practice day and see how it works for you and adjust accordingly. good luck

Congrats on the running.

I am type 2 (at least that is what the doctor has said) I take my insulin before I run so I do worry about the same thing I have done 2 half marathons and one 10k on both of them I carry a sandwich just in case. along with my hard candies. that is what works for me. I agree you will need to try it before you race. if you feel better with a lower dosage of the lantus try it before you race. on a training run would be best. For me I dont change my meds. but if you have been running for a while what works for one person doesnt work for another same with D. or at least that is what I have found.