Calling all runners!

In May I'll be running my first half. I started training today with very low mileage (5). I cut my basal by 50% for two hours pre run and cut my breakfast bolus in half (as per endo). I ate 2 hours prior to running so that I wouldn't have too much IOB. I started high (not comfortable with this) and ended at 160 (comfortable with this) then the two hours after running stayed around 200 :( boo! What am I doing wrong? I understand this is very unique to everyone but would love to know what everyone else does as I will be increasing miles every week! Thanks for taking the time to read and respond to this post, I know everyone is super busy with their own lives!

hi. when i run five or ten k i dont cut any basal out. i just make sure i eat a little extra carbs. i think its a lot of cutting out of the insulin, no? or maybe dont go 50 percent so early? im on mdi though, maybe acidrock or other sporty pumpers can advise. will help you with pump info.

How fast are you running? Are you getting some adrenaline or something? I usually turn it up when I get close to home and maybe that can cause some ooh rah or something. I've gotten in the habit of killing my temp basal 2-3 miles from home. I brought my meter along and noted my CGM was reading a bit lower or perhaps the mid-run snack was taking longer to register in the CGM or something like that. W/ the basal back at "normal" it's an extra bit of insulin to "cover" the boost at the end. I did 10% basal when I started but, as I ran more and got more practice, I've found that my distance pace sits pretty solid at 60-70%. If I run a 5K, which I will run faster (7:30 is my goal, although I don't always do it!), I will get adrenaline spikiness and will keep my basal cranked up or even go to 200% to try to keep a handle on it.

I'm training for a 10min mile for the half although for shorter runs I'll run 9 min/mile. When you (and others) say 10% basal do you mean you run at -90% or cut your basal by 10%? I have an animas so if I do a temp basal it displays as negative amounts. Could you give me a hypothetical for a 6 mile run?

What kind of a breakfast did you eat? I will eat high protein and fat before and don't bolus for any of it with a 50% basal decrease and that will keep me pretty constant for two hours. I like to be in the 130 to 140 range when I start.

10% means that I did 10% basal rate, so hardly any. Then I'd try 13 (Lucky!) and kept sort of going up until I got it pretty flat. I still like to have some fuel/ nutrition on longer runs, mostly carbs I lug along.

For 6 miles, I'll do the 60%-70%, have about 10G of carbs when I start and 8-15G of carbs at the 1/2 way point and then keep an eye on things, turning the temp basal off with a mile or two to go, depending on what's going on on my CGM.