Radiation risk from pumps and cgms

Do pumps and cgms pose a radiation/cancer risk from keeping them on or near your body. I,m wondering since cell phjones have been linked to brain cancer and other health consequences. Thanks.

My dexcom seems to send a signal every 5 minutes, and it is very low power b/c it's range is apx 30 ft.

They probably haven't done a study because we are a relatively small and doomed sample size.

I'm more worried about dying from uncontrolled diabetes, never occurred to me to think about it.

So true. Weirdly it makes me smile to realize what a small, although I do not believe we are more doomed than many, populations!

I totally just snarfed reading this. lol, AR!

I'd wager that relative to cell phones (which have some real power) it is pretty trivial.