Radical Change in Eyesight

I was diagnosed just a few days ago and I've suddenly experienced a radical change in my eyesight.
I wear glasses, but now my long-distance vision is better without them and my close-up vision is much worse!

Have any of you experienced this and do you know why?


High blood glucose levels distort vision by causing the shape of the lens to change. If you have lowered your levels since diagnosis changes in vision would be expected.

Assuming you are taking steps to bring your glucose levels down, you can expect noticeable changes in vision as you do. Once the glucose levels stabilize, at good low levels, one hopes, the vision ought to stabilize also. Mine settled out, after about a year of wild fluctuation, pretty close to where it was at the start.

My husband is type 2, diagnosed in April this year. He noticed this too but it has settled down to what it was before. We all had our eyes tested a month before he was diagnosed and his doctor wanted him to get them checked again. Since our insurance will only pay for one check a year, she made an appointment for him with a ? no idea what this eye doctor's title is but the insurance will cover it.

Thanks all, I saw my opthamalogist (???) and she said that I'd have to wait for at least 2 months of stabilization of my blood sugar before she could get an accurate read. So I'm waiting until end of September. For now, I bought some cheap drug-store reading glasses and am hoping all will calm down soon.

Long time diabetic and high sugars do make your near vision blurry. Due to the stickyness caused by high blood sugars mainly. Your far vision improves as you age normally. Diabetics require a dialated eye exam by an eye MD not just an optometrist annualy. If you haven't had one since diagnosis you might consider this and make sure your blood vessels in your eyes are ok. Since just diagnosed you probably don't know how long you have had high bs.

When my eyes get fuzzy, I increase font size on computer it helps alot.

Yup! I went through four eyeglass changes by my optometrition, until he asked me, all of a sudden, was I a dibetic? I said yes, and he literally jumped up and down, and said, "That's why!" It seems that Diabetes makes a change in your vision. IF you haven't seen your eye doctor since you were diagnosed, it might be a good idea to have your eyes checked soon, and let him know you have just been diagnosed with Diabetes. Also, let him know WHAT diabetic medications you are taking, as well, as that may have a direct effect on your eyes. Good luck!
Chaplain ET.

This is exactly how I was originally diagnosed. My eyesight changed very suddenly and I wanted to know why. My ophthalmologist started doing tests and quickly discovered that my blood sugar was through the roof.
His explanation was that the high blood sugar caused the eye to swell and lose its correct contour (shape), and that once the blood sugar was stabilized it would return to normal. It did.

I can always tell when my BG is higher than usual because my vision will blur when I am using my iPad. When I get it back down, my vision clears.

David, that's how I was dx'd, too. Mine flip-flopped to the extreme opposite of what it normally was in the space of an hour. My optometrist, who was treating my glaucoma, said my blood sugar was probably high and I probably had diabetes and she was right, it was over 300 when my regular doc did a finger stick.

Dedene, it took several months for my eyes to straigten out, even though I got my blood sugar down pretty fast by going very low carb right away and taking metformin. Eventually, I had to dig out my older glasses and that's what I'm still wearing today.