Vision changes by diabetics

I am a 65 y-o type 2 diabetic, diagnosed eight years ago, undercontrol with oral medication. I have my vision checked annually with no changes necessitating lens change for six years. However, often, I realize that I can see better without my glasses than with. This is especially true when driving, reading signs, and watching TV. For instance, during fall football games I can, sometimes, better read the score, time remaining, etc without glasses than with. This is not always. Just occasionally. And my guide on TV can sometimes be read more clearly without my glasses.

Has anyone else experienced this problem? Is this typical of diabetics with glasses? Is it indicative of vision problems to come? My opthomologist doesn’t seem to listen, or show concern. But, I do not choose to discover it is a problem after it is too late to fix it.

When there’s sudden bloodsugar changes it happens that the glucose in the blood differs from that of the lens, that is because there’s no blood vessels in the eye lens. (If there were blood vessels they would have blocked light to the lens) If the glucose in the lens is higher than in the blood it tries to correct it by absorbing water and it swells. The lens will refract light differently, causing temporary shortsightedness. It’s the same as if you borrow someone else’s glasses. This does not damage the lens and has nothing to do with eye damage that can later occur with diabetes. So I imagine that your vision improves with this, while a person with no eyesight problems may experience blurred vision.

Thank you so very much for the information. I shant worry about it any more and just appreciate the short-term vision inprovements.
I suspected as much because the vision seemed to improve after I had been a bad person and eaten things that I shouldn’t but, I wasn’t sure. I will play closer attention in the future.
Thanks again.
Jerry in Texas