Radio Interviews Today About the Big News in the TuDiabetes family

So the first leg of interviews related to the big news I shared with you guys yesterday is over.

I woke up at 4:30 am PT today to get on the phone. I spoke with 19 different radio stations: 2 of the interviews were live, one with a station out of Salisbury-Ocean City, MD (with a host by the name “Bulldog”) first thing and one on a nationally syndicated food show, not too long ago.

The other ones were taped and will be airing in the coming days/weeks. The stations covered states like Ohio, Pennsylvania, Arkansas, Missouri, Tennessee, Kansas and South Carolina and cities like Boston, Chicago and Dallas, TX.

It was interesting to talk to the different hosts and hear their take on (yes, I mentioned no less than three times during each interview), the Diabetes Hands Foundation, the Word In Your Hand project and, more recently, the web site.

I sure hope many, many more people touched by diabetes hear the interviews and, as a result, join the community and choose to submit a photo of their Word In Your Hand through DiabetesHandprint.

Next up, TV interviews next week… I will keep you posted about those after they have occurred.

Way to go Manny! Glad that you survived!

Oooo… TV interviews are next!!! Exciting!

LOL!!! :slight_smile:

I survived… I just want MORE COFFEE! :stuck_out_tongue:

This is awesome Mannny! Keep up the great work (and get some sleep)

Aweome - let us know the tv schedule so we can TiVo you!!!

oooops – AWESOME

Do you know what stations in TN??

Manny, which Boston stations? That’s an exhausting schedule, it sounds like an amazing publicity train.

Ah, RMTs… we do a lot of those for our clients here. They are a good opportunity to get the word out to a lot of people. That’s so cool. You better get your clips on YouTube!

It was WDIS - AM. Not sure when it will air, though.

We got most of the TuDiabetes videos on YouTube. You mean the interviews?

Which stations in Missouri I will try and catch the interview!!! Awesome !!!

What stations in Missouri and Kansas?