The Radio Show Went Very Well

The radio show went very well! Anita listened at home and she is very pleased! The host of the show asked all kinds of questions about diabetes in general and about the book. She had read sections of the book, and had put bookmarks at various places. She knew what she wanted to ask. I talked for most of the hour, except when the commercials were going.

I did not get to talk about most of the topics that were on my "things to say" list. The show was very structered and I had to respond to the lady's questions. I was able to work in some of the topics that my friends recommended, but not as many as I wanted.


Is the show archived online?

Other people have asked that question. I am going to call the station Monday and see about that.

That’s so Great to hear Richard. I’m Glad that Anita was pleased about the interview. That means that you were Awesome. :slight_smile: You must have been a bundle of nerves.

Too bad that you didn’t have a tape recorder so Anita could have taped the interview at home. We still have a couple recorders since they come in handy on occasion. Both of our Kids have been on short tv clips in different years. They both told me about them and the station so I taped them on the vhs tapes when the news came on.

Sorry, you didn’t get your list of questions asked but at least you were able to make many People more aware of Diabetes and your book. Terrific! I hope that we will get to hear your intervew sometime. Steal her tape!! Okay, Bad idea. j/k :smiley: