Ran out of IV Prep?

I ran out of IV Prep will an alcohol swab be okay and make my skin tacky enough for a good site change???, crap

Many times I don’t use anything to prep my skin for a site change. I usually have my bath and dry myself and proceed to do a site change and it seems to have worked fine so far. An alcohol swab will clean your skin but without the sticky component present in IV Prep it will not make it tacky at all.

I stopped using the IV Prep too. Somehow I’ve actually found that my sites stick better without it.

but will the site be okay without using the IV prep, I think at one time I did not use anything, but cannot remember as I have used IV prep for many years

Yes, the site is perfectly okay for me. As far as I know, IV Prep is optional and not really necessary for site changes.

Thanks, going to go change my site, I was in a bit of a panic.

Here is hoping for a good stick, in more ways than one. :slight_smile:

I’ve always used alcohol swabs…never used IV preps.

I’ve stopped using IV prep routinely… just Hibiclens followed by alcohol and I only use skin-tac if I have a set that is peeling up (at which point I also overtape it).

You should be fine without, especially this time of year :slight_smile:

Only need IV prep if you have a hard time keeping sites on or have a problem w/ reaction to the adhesive…so, use as a barrier. I sometimes use it and other times don’t. I just clean the site well…w/ alcohol or wash site and dry it well.

I prefer the IV preps, but when I run out, I just go without. You can buy it separately from your supplies though, and often for cheaper. I paid less than $15 for a box of 50 from the dLife store last month.

If you have a problem with the set sticking to you, keep some IV covers on hand or some sets without tubing etc. until you have a chance to get more. Who knows, maybe you’ll find you are better without them.

I didn’t use IV Prep for the first ten years of pump therapy. The most benefit I find from it is that they form a barrier between me and the adhesive on the infusion set. I use Insets. If you need a few or 10 or whatever to get you through until your next supply order, let me know. I just got a new box so maybe I can help out.


Looking for cheap IV preps?I have bought them off Ebay for less than half the price of most stores.A few months ago I got 2 boxes of 50 for under $15 including shipping.

Hi Karen! I’m not for sure where you live but I can get IV preps at a Medical Equipment place here in Garden City, Ks. (that is the town I work in) I hope this helps you out! :}:}:}:}

I was never told to use anything on the skin, so I never do and I’ve never had any problems. I’m in the UK so the NHS probably wanted to save money by not telling me!! Hahah!

I was told not to use alcohol swabs because they dry the skin and toughen it up after prolonged use.

Thanks guys for all your responses. I used an alcohol swab and the site is holding well, I think if it was summer it may not stick that well, and we will see after a couple of showers.

Michelle thanks for the offer about sending me some, so sweet.

I guess I need to call MM and see what the hold up is on my supplies, grrrr.

Good to know, I will just use until MM ships the IV preps out, I wonder what the hold up is??

I’ve been using alcohol swabs for over 10 years and skin hasn’t toughened yet.

You’re welcome!