Ran out of IV Prep?

I don’t use alcohol on my fingertips but I use it on sites where I insert my infusion sets. I often apply creams and lotions when I shower…I’m not new to D.

where can you get the IV prep wipes? walgreens and CVS do not carry them.

I order from Medtronics

I actually googled skin tac (that works better for my son than the IV prep wipes) the other day and got a whole list of places that supplied them. I found them to be much cheaper at one store and just received them the other day. I would try googling for IV preps (after getting the full name from the medtronics web site) and see what cost options you may have. Nancy

Target and Costco pharmacies will special order them. It takes a couple days to get in. Costco price is less at $12.49 for 50. If they ca special order then Walgreens and CVS can special order. But so far Costco has the best price in Michigan.

Thanks for that tip Melissa! I’m heading off to my sis-in-law in Florida in a few weeks, and they are alot cheaper then what I pay here in Canada ($25+) - so I’m ordering up a box. I’ve got alot of packages, both medical and non - that are going to be awaiting my arrival when I arrive there . I love America (and the fact that our $'s are almost at par now - makes buying in the USA less of a guilt trip for us Canadians).