Random Highs

I love to snowboard but i have found that when i start going up the pass so does my blood sugar, the higher i go the high my sugar goes. Does this happen to anyone else???

maybe it’s the anxiousness of doing something thrilling. i’m sure adrenaline raises your blood sugar. i mean why not? everything else does haha. i’m not sure of any scientific evidence of this but i’m sure someone on here has.

The Pumping Insulin book says the opposite about insulin needs and altitude, so I don’t know. Do you have oatmeal before you go? I used to always have oatmeal before skiing. =) That would cause a climb!

I wonder if being cold has anything to do with it. Anyway, I’m sure what you’re eating is the most important thing. You could try taking a little bit of insulin before you go up, but you’d have to work out a good system so you don’t go low later. Good luck