lol, sorry it took me so long to write again. School started and life is crazy. On the bright side, I had a BLAST at camp!!!
Anyway, back to school. Its the third week here. My brother and I are now both in highschool. He’s a Junior and Im a Freshmen. We do actually share some teachers though. Just Guitar (yes, my school offers a guitar class) and Language. The Language Arts teacher teaches both 9th and 11 grade. I think every other period is 9th. The Guitar teacher teaches every grade all at once. Plus she has some kids that never learned before (like me) and some that have played for a while (like my brother). Btw, me and Chad just missed being in the same Guitar class. He’s first period, Im second.
Another thing school brings up is clubs. Club Day is tomorrow. Thats like when one club meets for the first half of first period, another the second half and so on throughout the day. Theres this one club called The Interact Club that you have to be invited to join. Im not sure exactly what it is, but some crazy person invited me. lol on the letter they gave me it said I was chosen based on “my high academic standards and leadership skills” What academic standards and leadership skills?! Im failing Biology and Ive never been a leader, only a follower! Hence why the person is crazy…lol. Anyway, theres a few girls that go to my youth that are involved in it. It sounds like pretty much community service. My mom had to call the school and ask about it. They said the club may do stuff like clean up after football games, or sell stuff there. That doesnt sound like too much fun to me…But then again, it would look good on a college application. Im undecided. I dont know what to do. HELP ME!!!

It not only looks good on a college application but on a job application as well. U never know u may make some new friends. I would say try it but then I am a “mom” (oh shock , I know!). If it isn’t your cup of tea you can always tell them so and drop it.