Oh, the randomness of school

So yeah, I’m really bored so I thought I’d tell yall how schools going. It amazes me how much drama can be packed into one highschool! One week we had 4 fights, 2 of which my friend Kendra broke up. Then last week there was almost one between my friends Kelly and Mindy. I dont even know why those 2 are fighting. At the same time, my other friends Elizabeth H. and Leah S. are fighting. (I put their last initial because theres also Elizabeth and Leah the twins…it gets confusing with the 4 of them) Their fighting because Elizabeth H is on the volleyball team and Leah S says she’s changed since being on the team. Now, by no means am I taking sides with Leah S, but Elizabeth H has changed alot. She used to be my friend and eat lunch with me every day but now she doesnt talk to me. Instead, she eats with Elizabeth and Leah (the twins) and gossips about Leah S, even though they discourage it. Before, she would have never done that. I sit half the lunch period with Leah S and the other half with the twins. Even when I’m with the twins, Elizabeth H totally ignores me. Its crazy how people will be your friend one second and ignore you the next. Almost the whole volleyball team did that to me. The only 2 friends I managed to keep were the twins. Elizabeth and Leah both want me to try out for the team again next year, but I dont know about that anymore. If almost everyone on the team ended up not talking to other people that didnt make it, why would I want to be like that? I mean, I still love to play, but I just dont want to make a bunch of fake friends.

Anyway, other than all the drama, school is ok. I have health, guitar, language arts, biology, spanish, computer, then math. I have 1 class with my best friend Alyssa, but I guess 1 is better than none. I pretty much have 2 or 3 friends in every class except guitar. There I dont really have any. Theres about 20 students and 3 girls, one of which is on the volleyball team…Another person that was my friend and now wont talk to me. But I think its better to not have friends in that class. The teacher lets us go outside or anywhere in the fine arts building (where guitar class is located, along with chorus and drama) to practice, so I stay inside while the other 2 girls go outside. I usually go and sit in the corner with my chords and just play. I say its better to not have friends because I dont like being bothered while I’m playing. I’d rather close my eyes, play and sing.

So hows everyone else been doin?

Yes, all the fights sound silly (and they probably are…). Sometimes things like the situation with the volleyball team are good because it tells you who your real friends are (sounds like the twins are real friends…). Guitar class sounds GREAT :slight_smile: I like having time “on my own” during the day. It’s good to have a break from the chaos and you will probably get a lot more practice done that way! How is guitar going?