Range of Dexcom Share (Bluetooth) versus Dexcom G4 receiver?

I’m asking this mostly from idle curiosity.

It’s been mentioned previously in other discussions that the upcoming Dexcom G5 transmitter is expected to use an integrated Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) chip to communicate with either an updated Dexcom receiver (right?) or an app running on an Apple iPhone or iPad.

One of the big “pros” always listed for the Dexcom CGM is the range. The receiver will continue to collect data from the transmitter even when a relatively long distance (10s of feet?) separates them. I wonder if the change to using BLE will result in any noticeable change to that range…

Has anyone who uses the current Share (Bluetooth) receiver with the Dexcom G4 ever tried to get an estimate on what the range of the Bluetooth connection is compared to the effective range of the current G4 transmitter to the current receiver?

More specifically, I’m wondering how the usable range of the transmitter to the receiver might compare to the usable range of the receiver to an iDevice which is “shared” via a Bluetooth connection between the receiver and the device. My guess is they should be pretty much the same, but it’s only a guess. Hence this question.

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I have not done a formal test, however, I keep the receiver in my room at night and my son, Caleb, is on the other side of the house. There are certain spots in my room that work and certain spots that do not work. I’ve found that the spots are consistent from G4 to Share. If it works for one, it works for the other and visa versa.

I’ll pay more close attention though. We typically have the two receivers active - it allows for continued information even during warm up periods.

In hindsight I decided my question may have made more sense to me than to others. I tried adding the snippet below to it in which I tried to be more specific about which two distances I was thinking of … in the case of a G4. :blush:

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You stated it clearly. I read it wrong. I’ll try a different test.

Okay let’s see if I did this correctly -

I put a bluetooth speaker and the dexcom share receiver next to Caleb and then walked away until the speaker went out of range. I left his phone with the Share app in that location until the five minute interval elapsed. It was also out of range. Then I moved his phone over a couple of feet closer to the devices. Share came back into range.

So the range of both bluetooth devices appears to be the same.

Did I get it right this time? I totally let the title of this discussion predispose me to believe what you wanted to know. Sorry for my confusion. Hopefully I’m back on track!

FWIW, below is a quote from another discussion thread with another guess about what the approximate range of the BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) wireless communication between the Dexcom Share monitor and an Apple device might be.