I can't find a reason to get a Dexcom G5 over a G4 platinum?

I am eligible to get a replacement Dexcom CGM and I am not sure why I should consider the G5 over the G4 platinum? The G4 platinum receiver is much smaller than my phone, battery lasts for days, and is dedicated to the function, such that even if I had the G5 system I would never use it with my phone. The other thing is that the G4 transmitters can be used until they die, which for me is coming up to a year on my current transmitter. I heard this is not the case for the G5 transmitters as the receiver is coded to only allow use for 3 months + 3 weeks grace period.

I would like to know from others on what I might be missing in my justification to get a G4 platinum over the G5 given the benefits and my intended use? I love technology and can figure just about anything techie, but I like my tech simple, dependable, and useful rather that a bunch of unused and confusing features.

Thanks, Mike

I think the main difference is that with the G5, you don’t need to carry your receiver with you, you can use the phone instead, or switch between carrying your phone or receiver, either or both. If you want to share with someone, if you use the G5, you can share with only carrying the phone with you. Or while your receiver is being recharged, you could use your phone instead.

So yes, the battery thing is a big deal for some. So if you don’t want to use your phone, I can’t really think of a reason to switch. Since the sensors are the same, I would imagine the accuracy is the same for them both.

Sounds to me like the G4 is the better option for you.

Thanks, that’s a good point in that if I ever forgot, lost, or damaged my receiver my phone could be a back-up.

Also I could also see if you are a person that only wants to use the phone you could get by with just buying a G5 transmitter and use it with the app (I think that’s correct?). This could be a cheap option for a system although you are “forced” to replace the transmitter every 3 months (I really don’t understand why they did this other than money?).

One question, can you use the D5 transmitter with just an iWatch (without an iPhone)? Now that might be cool.

@Mike_F – I went from the G4+Share to the G5 and then back to the G4+Share. In about a month, I’ll place another order for the G4+Share system. First of all, I’ve never been one to focus on carrying less devices. Diabetes has encumbered my life so much over the years, I don’t don’t see one less device as a big positive.

I, too, value the longer lasting transmitter + the extended range of the G4 vs G5. I have to have my receiver online so that my Apple Watch works but I don’t find that hard to do. If my Dex wakes me up at night, I much prefer the G4 mostly black screen to the blinding white pixels of the G5 as I stir from my slumber.

I plan to stick with the G4+Share until the G6 rolls out. Hopefully, by then, Dexcom will have sorted out the alarm blunder with the current G5.

I do not use the share feature of the G5 and I find it has less range of course one changes transmitters more. On the plus side, I do sometimes use my telephone and it is great to take a screen shot of the Dexcom on my iPhone to record and later print an event.

But the best reason is that the G6 will likely be out about midyear 2017 and with the short six month period for the G5 transmitter it will be easier to get the G6.

It’s possible it was based on money, but from what I have often seen in the medical industry, many times when something happens that users don’t like, the FDA is behind it.

Maybe some users had a transmitter that died after a certain time and it left them in a jam, and they complained. So the FDA is making the battery expire within a certain time with lots of notification (I am never surprised by an expiration, it tells you well in advance…). That’s just a guess, who knows.

But I do know this…you know the dumb screen on the receiver that shows a BG range of 50-400? Would be nice if it was a more reasonable scale (like the way you can set your range on the Dexcom phone app). Do you know why the receiver has to show a range of 50-400? The FDA made them do that!

I am paying for my Dexcom out-of-pocket and was strongly considering the G4 based on cost alone. However all the neat integrations with pumps seem to be with the G5, so I decided to get a G5.

If you’re not going to use your phone, then there is not a lot of reason to select G5.

if you are on Medicare or going to be soon as I am, the recent announcement about Medicare coverage of CGM’s is only applicable to the G5 because Dexcom did not obtain the “insulin dosing” approval from the FDA for the G4.

As an Apple Watch user, you can have the BG number and trend arrow from the G5 on your watch face as a complication, but not the G4 Share number. I have fewer Watch and phone disconnects with G5 than I did with G4 Share.

I do not mind the difference in Transmitter size. If I were going to self-fund on Medicare, then the G4 would make sense. But that changed in a flash 10 days ago with the announcement of CMS coverage of G5.

I have also recently started using the Tandem X2 pump and it will integrate with the G5 in coming months. There is an older t:slim that communicated with G4 but I don’t know if it is still sold or if so, if it will be sold much longer.

I love my G5 because I don’t have to carry a receiver around. If you don’t care about that then stick with the G4.

I have only used the G4 with the receiver so I can’t talk about difference I’ve seen. But I was talking with someone who had a G5 but went back to using the receiver because he liked the fact that you looked at the receiver and you saw your numbers. He hated having to load the app and wiat for things to load. He said his phone was for phone stuff and receiver was for diabetes stuff. Different strokes for different folks and I guess it is what you want. Isn’t it nice to have options? I hope the receiver never goes away. I love mine!

I prefer the G5, but that’s because, for some reason, the receiver was one too many device for me to keep track of, and I not infrequently would accidentally leave it at home while never doing that with my phone. Also I find myself paying more attention to my CGM readings when on my phone vs a separate receiver. If I were starting now, I wouldn’t even bother getting a receiver, just the sensors and transmitters. But that’s me; sounds like you’re very much the opposite, so I’d stick w the G4.

I prefer having two separate devices - pump and receiver. If I am dancing I can hand my receiver to just about anyone off stage and they can watch to see that I stay “between the lines”. I can put the receiver in my purse, pay attention to it and only dig the pump out oof my bra if I need to correct, bolus or change basal rates temporarily. I choose not to use the share function - no one but me needs to know what my bg is doing, and after years of being on call 24/7 I hate my smart phone

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I just put my latest G4+Share into service today. An additional feature that’s nice about the G4 is that it can be converted to a G5, if desired. I’m on month six of the current transmitter and should get at least nine months on this transmitter.

I’m looking forward to the G6 next year.

I just started the G5 after holding out with a G4 system for an extra year. I enjoy just carrying my phone much more than I thought I would. I also believe the G5 is more accurate.