Rash from Pod Adhesive

Has anyone had a rash from from the adhesive on the new pods?

I’ve only had rashes from the extra adhesives I put on. The scratching has left me scarred.

Yes, I am now getting a skin reaction from the new pods. I don't know what's happening. is it a new adhesive or am I developing an allergy.

Yes. Some spots that used to work (mostly core) are so itchy I cannot use them anymore!

Most often, even on a good spot, I have a rash when the pods comes off. Try cortisone cream.

I have heard that using barriers such as Skin Tac work . . . but not for me!

I also read to moisturize skin and not use alcohol to clean area before applying pod.

I am hoping to read some post from someone who is successful with this issue!

Good luck.

Yes, I am allergic to the adhesive. I use “Coloplast Protective Skin Barrier Wipes” which are very inexpensive. I just wipe the area with a pad then I apply the Pod. It is very easy to use. I still get a little red when I remove the Pod but I apply walgreens brand of Benadryl skin cream and it is gone within minutes! If you do a Google search you should be able to locate distributors for Coloplast. Good luck!

Yep. When I called Insulet to ask, they assured me that the adhesive was the same as it's ever been. But something is definitely amiss. I used the old pods for four years with no problems, but something is different since I'm developing rashes.

I used to use that along with other type “barrier” wipes. What I use now that works great for me is: Tegaderm Film part number: 1624W which fit the pods. They are latex free. I get them on eBay 100 in a box. The POD goes right over them and inserts right through the film with no problems.

Thanks for all the info I've read here. My daughter has been using the "new pods" for almost a year. She just started over this past month developing a rash...every spot she put the pod...she's running out of spots. She's getting so annoyed she's ready to go back to injections. She is on a prescribed cream for the rash...but, I'm going to try some of the tips on here. Thanks!

My son who is 8 has gotten rashes before from the pods. But we now wipe off his skin with skin barrier wipes before we put the pod on and he hasn't had any rashes since.

I get rashes on my stomach and back but not on my arms. I've started spraying flonase on the area and letting it dry before I apply the pod, and haven't been having any issues since.