Ratio of Lantus to Rapid

What’s your total daily insulin, and what part of that is Lantus or fast, what part Rapid and what, if any, part any thing else? (The anything else could include your own body production)
More research trying to sort this out… readings have been jumping from 70 to 150 to 200 and back to 70…

I use 48 units of Levemir a day. I also use up to 30 units of Apidra sporadically throughout the day.
My carb ratio is 1:7
Everyone’s body is different, though.

I use 30 units of Lantus and about 10-20 units of novolin a day. I’m usually all over the place as well, but that’s just something that I guess is what this disease does!


I take 30u of Lantus (just increased from 20u by my doc) split between am and pm. My carb ratio is 1u:10 gm and my correx ratio is 1u:20mg/dl that I am over my goal (<100 fasting and <120 2 hrs after meals). I take Novolog for my bolus doses. If I am above 140 2 hours after I eat I will correct again. Sometimes by BG are really good and I only need to cover by carbs. But most of the time my BGs are all over, so I end up correcting and covering my carb intake.

My wife used to use Lantus and Humalog, but could never keep her blood sugars under control. The Lantus just doesn’t interact with the changes of a daily routine (that is never daily nor routine) like making adjustments to your humalog intake. So, when you are using a slow acting with a fast acting the interaction of the two don’t blend with the changes of a new day. I don’t have any great suggestions for adapting to it, except that with my wife’s pump (if she can have the drive to be vigilant) has changed her life. Good luck with your research!

20 units of Lantus, with a min of 6 units of humalog … I am not following my endros deal regarding the humalog because I am not in my home country and I’ve yet in the two months I’ve been away heard back from him regarding my inqury - thus I’ve been working to get things controled on my own by expermenting with it.

I’ve larned that taking 40 units of humalog in a day is to much no matter how high the carbs are I eat in a day having 40 units in my body of humalog is a recapy for blasted low BGs.

So I try and take no more then 40 units total between the lantus and the humalog - if I can well help it.

This varies for me from day to day, depending on how many carbs I eat. Today was an average day and I took 12 units of basal and 13 units of bolus. That is 170g of carbs for me (I:C ratio is 13g).

If he is eating high carb, then it is likely that the rapid portion is more than 50%. If he is eating low carb, then it is likely less than 50%.

I take 14u Lantus in the morning and another 14u at night (idealy 12 hr spacing or there abouts)

My carb ratio averages 1:12 or 1 unit Humalog per 12 grams of carbs. If I need to correct a high BS, I take 1unit per 25 points, so if I am 100 points above where I want/should be, that is 4 units of Humalog.

YOU BASAL (Lantus for me) SHOULD keep you BS level in-range for many hours with NO food or exercise. IF your BASAL is too high or low, you will be diving between meals or having to correct at every turn.

REMEMBER when you exercise you NEED CARBS to counter the exercise to keep from going too low, the SAME as taking a correction dose if too high.


We’re slowly moving the Lantus up - starting from 9 units, and reducing the bolus, trying to get to reasonable ratios. We’re aiming for 1:10 carb ratio. We decided that everything was so far off we’d establish goals, try to reach them and then do the tests to fine tune it and find out what the ratios/dosage really are/should be. We can’t even do a test at the moment with going to high or low.
It seems to be working (at least for the last 36 hours). He was going from 200 before meals to 70 after 2 hours to 200 before the next meal. This all worked fine - in the hospital ;-))((

Jon…Lantus is NOT supposed to intract with CHANGES, sounds like you understand the basal/bolus BACKWARDS!

A BASAL (Lantus) is to provide a stable background insulin level a body needs 24/7 with NO food and NO exercise (phsyical activity).

The BOLUS insulin (Humalog) and snacks/carbs ARE what is used to match daily changes, activity and meals. If you are trying to change the Lantus to match changes every day, its no wonder her BS levels are unstabe or messed up.

Bolus for meals/food

CF or correction factor, bolus/rapid insulin based on your BS level and CF ratio (or complex formula my endo likes & I don’t use)

CARBS, yes carbs are important between meals and especialy for phsyical activity to maintain a good BS level and not drop into a hypo.


I am on 90 units of Lantus in the morning

Sorry Katie, WHO is “he”…I guess I forgot or whatever. It’s hard to follow when you don’t know a little more, for me anyway. Is “he” a T1 child, a spouse/firend etc T1 or T2?

When I was moved from NPH & regular to Lantus and Humalog, they had my basal way too high and bolus too low. That made me sipke and dive like crazy. Good that you are making the changes SLOW.


He is my husband, who had his pancreas removed 8 weeks ago, so went from non-diabetic to Type 1 over night… no honeymoon period.

I am a little different (understatement).

I did about teh same thing, lowered my Lantus little by little till it seemed about right.

The next step was doing a baal test adn fine tuned that. THIS MUST be done FIRST!

After I got my basal adjusted, like stable for a good 5hrs no food or exercise, then I was able to adjust/test my carb ratio. REMEMBER, if the basal is not right, no point in even trying to fine tune the carb ratio. I also had to allow a couple days between changes to allow my body to adjust to every little change. It takes time and patience, lots of frequent testing, etc, but it was worth it!

(*&( GOMER good luck, it takes time…