Novolog & Lantus - Can't get BG to come down

I was just recently put on Novolog & Lantus, to prepare me for a pump. The dr put me on 70u Lantus in the AM, and my ratio for Novolog is, 1u for every 10 carbs, and 1u for every 25 points above 100.
My BG this morning was 370. I took 15u of Novolog. (270 / 25=11) + (40 cho / 10=4)=15u.
Now at lunch, mu BG is still at 322, so I took another 15u of Novolog.

I guess that my ratio is not working. I don’t quite know what to do. I didn’t have these kind of readings when I was on Novolin R and Novolin N.

1-Why the change?
2-2-You can change lantus to evening or afternoon to have normal fasting BG
3-You can adjust the ratio looking at 2hr post meal reading

These are just suggestions, that what I usually do with my children,but of course you have to consult your doctor

ok. I took 15u of Novolog at lunch to correct my 322 plus 40 carbs. My BG is now at 160, two hours later. What do you think about that?

I have a higher ratio for morning and evening, so 1u for every 7 carbs at breakfast and dinner but 1u for every 10 carbs at lunch. Also, I have to take my Lantus before bed, it wasn’t working correctly when I took it in the morning. Definitely call your doctor tomorrow!

I think the problem is with fasting reading,so moving Lantus to midday or evening is what I usually do.Short acting dose is fine,though less than 160 is better.

Thanks for the comments. I will call my doctor tomorrow.
I was hesitant to call too soon, thinking my body needed time to adjust to the change in insulin.

You might have to split your Lantus dose as well. I know it sends it lasts 24 hours but most people have found that it only lasts about 12. When i was taking lantus i was taking like 10-15 units at night and then 20-25 at lunch. That solved my high blood sugars, along with the Humalog.

Hi BBach,
A lot of us use the long acting twice a day. Just remember that each is different. Since your higher readings are earlier in the day you may want to keep your Lantus in the am so it’s slow action can catch you in the middle of the day and add that extrta dose at night. But the amount you use may not be able to be split, just another dose added. Your doc will know what he wants to do. I also think your ratios are good Like everyone else I think you will do better with more cruise control, (Lantus)

I had to break my Lantus up into 2 doses because my reading was so high in the a.m. Talk to your doctor about doing 1/2 with breakfast and 1/2 with dinner or before you go to bed. This stopped my glucose readings from being sky high in the am and very low in the afternoon.

So all my doctor did for now was to raise my Lantus to 78u in the AM. I wil keep you posted on how it’s going.