Raw organic blue agave as a substitute for sugar or splenda

Just wondering what anyones thoughts may be on this sweetner as a substitute for splenda ? I have started using stevia drops in place of splenda in my coffee or tea and also bought some agave but i think it does bother my sugar as ive tried it before and this time seemed to do the same. I do need to investigate it and try it again but it leaves me wary to do so. they say it has a low glyemic effect but it also is in a liquid form and anything loke that especially juice i cant touch. Has anyone else tried this sweetner?

Raw agave is not sweet. It is processed in a way similar to how high fructose corn syrup is processed. Compared to HFCS agave nectar has less glucose and more fructose. Although the ratio is not fixed it is closer to honey. Since honey is not recommended for diabetics, I would not think agave would be a viable sweetener for diabetics. I’m not surprised you had problems with your sugar, because of the presence of glucose, which is absorbed very quickly.

Some people don’t like stevia, but it’s a much better choice. Another option is erythritol a sugar alcohol that some people find works, especially mixed with stevia. Here’s a recent discussion with some more info.


Here’s a discussion I posted about agave https://forum.tudiabetes.org/topics/agave-syrupalert?id=583967%3ATopic%3A889538&page=1#comments. It’s highly refined fructose & far from healthy. Agave is a scam & not surprising it raises your blood sugar. I tried many brands of stevia to find one I liked.

Agave is pure sugar… and will spike you worse than sugar. Its a scam saying its pure or better for Diabetics.
Have you seen the carb count? its high…Stick with the stevia, it will be fine for you.

Thanks everyone for your responses to agave and i clicked on all the links you provided. so in conclusion im getting that agave raises triglcerides and can cause severe side effects in diabetics on other hand my husband contends it doesnt raise blood sugar just damages your liver and causes triglcerides to rise etc and thats why it is not good for anyone but i believe different that it can raise your sugar amongst other dangerous side effects i did read where they stopped all clinical trials due to dangerous side effects