Ready for a Change

I've been pumping for a long time, 6 weeks after I was diagnosed, which is going on 12 years now. I love my pump and really don’t think I could survive without it. However, I’m really getting tired of the tubing and am ready for a change. My Medtronic is out of warranty so it’s time to get a new pump but my problem is, I’m not sure which new pump I want. As you know, if I want coverage from my insurance I really need to stick with my next pump for a few years.

I’ve read about Omni Pod (and have received a demo). I’ve also just requested a demo from Solo. But I’ve also done some research on some “new” possibilities that may be coming out soon. I really like the Cellnovo pump but feel it could be a while before 1) that one actually hits the market and 2) before they work out all the bugs a new product like this usually has.

So my pumping friends…..what’s a girl to do? Omni, Solo (or any others I may be missing) or just wait it out for a few months and see what pops up?

Solo will be out in 2012. I love my OmniPod. I don’t see any alternative. Get a DexCom 7+ too. The DexCom 7+ will integrate with the OmniPod within a year.

Hey Vickie, I just started pumping last week, so i guess there is not much I can offer to your quandry… BUT i wanted to thank you for posting that Cellnovo pump, i’m going to keep my eye on that…it’s pretty slick!

Hi Jeff, I actually had the opportunity to see the Cellnovo product in person …it is very slick! I get energized off new technology and honestly can’t wait for this one to come out. Good luck pumping. You’ll love it once you get the hang of it. Don’t get discouraged though, it does take a while to get everything adjusted. -Vickie

Thanks, Helmut, I didn’t know Solo was so far from coming out. Decision made then!

Vickie, this is a very recent development. Roche bought Medingo.

I used a Medtronic pump for years. I switched to Omnipod last year - I LOVE it. I actually wrote a few blog posts about why I decided to leave MM, getting the Pod, and what I love about it.

I highly recommend Omnipod - especially with the planned integration with DexCom, as Helmut described.

Thanks, Shannon. I really think I’ve made my decision. I do have one question that I can’t seem to find the answer to on the Omnipod website. How far can you get from the PDM? If I’m in meetings do I need to carry the PDM with me or belt clip it to myself?

The PDM needs to be within 2 feet when you bolus. Other than that there is no need to keep the PDM close. I keep my PDM in my desk drawer and only take it out when I eat lunch.

Yep - I agree with Helmut. I actually forgot my PDM at home yesterday. I had to inject for meals, but my basal insulin was delivered correctly.

Minimed is supposed to be working on a patch pump too. Which I think will be out next year, if I remember correctly (If anyone has a better idea about when please feel free to correct me!). So if you want to stick with MM you could always upgrade to the Revel now and then wait for the patch pump and use their program that allows you to upgrade early for a reduced price. :o)

Just another thing to consider!

Omni is a good option now. The MM tubeless might launch pretty soon but the lack of buzz about it makes me doubtful and I kind of think it’ll come after the Solo. The Solo is a little too far off unless you are willing to stay on tubes for another 20-24 months. By the time your Omni 4 year warranty is complete, there will be lots of user reports about Solo and MM and CellNovo might be just around the corner.

I also like the CellNovo. The way I see it, the remote control is totally modern and you can choose infusion sets, so occlusion failures should be less.

Wow! Thanks Vickie for informing about the Cellnovo. I had never heard of it, but it is NICE!

Something to keep in mind about OmniPod with regards to insurance coverage: the start-up costs of OmniPod are a LOT lower than a traditional pump (about 1/10 the cost), and insurance companies seem to classify the PDM differently than a traditional pump. As a result, you might be more likely to be allowed to switch pumps sooner than the typical 4 years if you choose OmniPod.
The PDM only costs a couple/few hundred dollars up front, so the insurance company is no as heavily invested as they are when you start a traditional pump.
Having said that, given how long it is taking the Solo to get to market (FDA approval takes a VERY long time and Solo has already been approved for nearly a year, I think, and is STILL not on the market), I would not count on MM getting a tubeless pump to market in anything less than 2-3 years. I love using OmniPod, I would seriously consider switching if something better were made available, but I’m not holding my breath.
Finally, remember that with any cutting edge technology, if you keep waiting for the next great thing “just around the corner” you’ll never get anything - there’s always something new on the horizon. Instead, I suggest getting the best available (best match for your needs, that is) and go with it.

Thanks everyone! I actually emailed by doc, talked the to Omnipod rep and am on my way to getting my Omnipod…all on a Sunday! Again, thanks for the words wisdom.

One more word of advice: Buy Uni-Solve. Don’t rip the pod off.

Interesting…advice taken!

Vickie, did you end up moving to an Omnipod? I’m currently trialing the Omnipod. I’ve been using the MM 522 for the past 3 years. I’m trying to find someone who has moved from a Medtronic pump to an Omnipod as I have some questions. Let me know, if you would! Gail

Hi Gail, I’ve been on the OmniPod for a week and a day and I LOVE IT!!! It’s been more liberating than I even imagined. I didn’t realize the habits I had created to protect my pump and the tubing. I would literally wake up every night to search for my pump and move it so when I turned over I would avoid either pulling out my site or getting tangled in the tubing. I would cautiously pull my pants down to avoid pulling out the site when using the rest room. I would self-consciously make sure tubes or the pump wasn’t sticking out of my bra (my favorite location for the pump) during meetings or social settings. These habits didn’t go away over night and every time I caught myself attempting one of these acts once I went on the Pod I had to smile. I don’t have to worry about those things anymore!!!

Now don’t get me wrong, the things I’ve mentioned are small insignificant things compared to how the MM had been loyal and dedicated to me for 12 years, but sometimes it’s the little things in life that bring the most joy. I wouldn’t trade pumping for any of the things mentioned above, but the fact I can pump and feel the freedom I am currently feeling is priceless to me!! I love the OmniPod so far and would highly recommend it. I haven’t had one negative issue to date.

Feel free to ask away…I’d love to answer any questions you may have.


Vickie, Thanks for your response! So glad to hear your comments and glad that you’re having a good experience!! I have been on the Omnipod for about 3 weeks now and I feel exactly the same way you do. It is so liberating! I completely understand the habits you’re talking about, same for me with the pump when I sleep! The feeling of freedom, of normalcy, is a very, very wonderful feeling. I just put it on my arm today for the first time, and I really like it there. I too, feel that Medtronic has been very loyal to me, and I would love to wait for their patch pump, but I’ve had so many issues with the infusion sets, that I just decided that I had to move forward with a trial of the Omnipod. I’m having a couple of issues and wondering if you’ve noticed this or not…if I do a food bolus (not a correction bolus) while I still have active insulin (I’ve got it set for 4 hours), it does not seem to subtract out the active insulin as the MM does. Have you noticed this? Even though I’m aware of this and have tried to work around it, I’ve gone low several times due to this. Also, when I’m around 140-150, it will suggest a correction bolus that is much higher than the MM, even though I’ve got the settings the same on the OP as the MM. I’m working with my clinic to figure this out, but have you experienced this? Probably just adjustment items, but wanted to talk with someone who had been on the MM to see if they’ve experienced the same.
I’m likely to move forward with the OP, but want the option to go with the MM patch pump when it comes out. Don’t know if that will be an option with insurance, but seems more feasible, since there isn’t a big up front cost like the 522. Thoughts? Gail